International Rules

Standard International Rules - all regular Try Tag Rugby / Oztag Rules. The main differences to note are:

1. 8-a-side (4 male & 4 female players for Mixed). 

2. 50/10 kicks. Ball kicked from within half goes out within 10m of try line. Result is play the ball to the team which placed the kick.

3. Try scoring team receives kick-off.

4.  Diving for tries allowed (no Swan dives) as per the Oztag rulebook's definition. Dive: A dynamic movement, head first through the air, where both feet leave the ground. Diving over players in an attempt to score and swan dives, are not allowed.  If a player dives in the air from the field of play, whether it be from running with the ball or attempting to re-gather a kick and 1. Ground the ball, 2. Doesn’t initiate contact or intimidate a defender attempting to make a tag, 3. And is not deemed dangerous by the referee, then a try will be awarded. Should the dive be deemed dangerous then a penalty will be awarded.

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