Try Tag Rugby Form Partnership with One From Me

The team at Try Tag Rugby are proud to announce our newest partner, One From Me who are the creators of a brand new app which enables you to send a drink to a friend instantly, which they can redeem at any participating venue.

on 22nd May, 2015

Try Tag Rugby Ladies' Tights Now Reduced

With the Summer Season fast approaching many of the Try Tag Rugby community will be looking to put the thermal layers to the back of the wardrobe and soak up the sun. What better way to celebrate a summer of sport than getting your hands on a pair of our Ladies' tights.

on 19th May, 2015

Wet Weather Update (14/05) and Procedure

With rain forecast for the afternoon of Thursday, 14/05, we thought this would be a good opportunity to update you on our wet weather and cancellation policy.

on 14th May, 2015

New Ringer Rules for Early Summer

Due to feedback from teams who often end up playing against the same ringers weekly, we have tightened the rules regarding how frequently players can fill in or "ring" for teams. Starting immediately, players are only allowed to play in one match as a ringer weekly.

on 13th May, 2015

International Tag Federation Approved Shorts Notice

As of the commencement of all Early Summer competitions (27th April), all non-International Tag Federation approved Tag Rugby shorts or ladies tights won’t be allowed to be worn in any Try Tag Rugby competitions. Only shorts marked with Oztag, NZTFI, ITRA and TTR branding will be allowed in our sanctioned competitions.

on 21st April, 2015

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