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TTR Rules quiz 1

TTR Rules quiz on some basic rules

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A rollball takes place and the dummy half delays in picking the ball up. What happens next?

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What is the call when a player kicks the ball in open play and it bounces beyond the opposition tryline?

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How many players does a team need in order to start a match

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The player in possession of the ball loses it forwards out of hands. Who can dive on the ball?

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A player kicks through, is late tagged, and then regathers the ball with one tag on. How does the defence stop the player from scoring a try?

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The ball carrier runs back behind their own try line and then back into the field of play. What happens next

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The ball carrier runs over the opposition try line and gets tagged before they can put the ball down. What is the call?

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Team A wins the toss. What happens next?

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