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Image from www.sportsandsafetysurfaces.co.ukAs you may be aware each autumn, winter and spring season we drastically reduce the number of venues in use for our leagues in comparison to the busy summer seasons. This is due to there being a shortage of available floodlit venues in London close to where we host the majority of our leagues. 

We are constantly on the lookout for floodlit artificial grass and astroturf surfaces to increase the number of leagues that we run in order to facilitate demand and ensure that you don't miss out on playing outside of the summer months.

​We are aware of most, if not all, existing London venues. What we're looking for is new venues, or plans to build new venues which we can enquire about and get in early to make a booking.

Despite our constant search there may be venues that we are unaware of. This is where you come in!

If you are aware of a venue with availability that we could use within London zones 1-3 please email the details of the venue to alistairdavis@trytagrugby.com. A finder's fee* of £1000 is up for grabs for anyone who brings to our attention a venue that we were previously unaware of and ends up being used by us for a league.

The venue can be pre-existing but we are particularly interested in venues which are in the planning stages or in the process of being built and it must have at least space for a single 6 a side pitch (minimum 40m x 35m).

Sell us Your Existing Booking!

We are also interested in taking over existing bookings. So for example if your company books a football pitch once a week for 90 minutes of casual football, but then decides to end the weekly game, we'd be interested in taking over your booking!

* The finder's fee terms & conditions are:
- To qualify for the £1000 finder's fee, a Try Tag Rugby league must be run at the referred venue between the months of September to April, for at least two seasons with a minimum eight teams in the league.
- The finder's fee venue must be a venue not previously known to Try Tag Rugby (unless you are selling us an existing booking). However, if you can get us onto a venue (via your connections, hint hint school teachers!) that we've been unable to obtain a booking of, you will still be eligible for the finder's fee. The finders fee would also be paid to anyone who can pass us on a suitable existing booking they no longer wish to use.
- The venue must be booked by Try Tag Rugby within three months of the referral for a league. The league must take place on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening. 
- If a venue has more than one referral, the finder's fee payment will go to the first referral. 
- In the case of where you are selling us an existing booking, agreement must also be made with the hirers so that they are aware we are taking over your booking.
- Payment will be made at the conclusion of the second season.  

Image from www.sportsandsafetysurfaces.co.uk

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