Yorkshire Leagues

Autumn League Registration! 


Try Tag Rugby Yorkshire Autumn Leagues are now open for registration. We will move back on to artificial pitches under floodlights which mean capacity is many of the leagues are limited. Please sign up as soon as possible to ensure you get a place at the venue of your choice.

A full list of all our Autumn leagues are as follows: Leeds - Horsforth (Yarnbury RFC) (Monday), Wakefield Sports Club (Monday), Bradford & Bingley (Tuesday), Leeds - Grammar School at Leeds (Tuesday), Leeds - Weetwood Sports Park (Wednesday) and Bradford - Southfield Grange (Thursday)  

All leagues will be played in the mixed format, with 6-a-side mixed leagues consisting of four males and two females while in 7-a-side mixed-league teams will consist of four males and three females. Although most leagues are for players of all standards, the Leeds - Weetwood Sports Park league will be running both a Superleague and Intermediate. 

Details of our Bristol, Coventry & Warwickshire, London, Manchester, Thames Valley (Reading & Oxford) & Wigan leagues can be seen in their respective sections of our website. 

Registration is open to whole teams, part-teams (groups) and individual players who'd like to be placed in a team. Team places are available strictly on a first to pay the deposit basis until a league sells out. 

All leagues come with post-match social venues so that you can socialise with your teammates and opposition.  Specific details for the leagues vary, therefore please see the links in the table below for specific information on each league including pricing. For more general information on Tag Rugby and how our leagues work, please watch our ‘What is Tag Rugby?’ video to the right or see our FAQ section.   

A number of venues almost reached capacity in Summer and we expect demand for Autumn places to also be high with the taster sessions planned. We strongly recommend registering and confirming your place as early as possible to ensure you secure your place at your chosen league. Registration deadlines for most leagues are five days before the league starting date, or whenever the league becomes full. Existing teams have a priority deadline of 17 days prior to the league starting to re-register for their existing league, see the section containing details of the Existing Team Priority Deadline below for more details.    

If you don't currently play and would like to give Tag Rugby a try before deciding whether to join a league or if you know somebody who might be interested in giving it a try, we have a number of Free Taster Sessions scheduled throughout August. 

Autumn League Schedule

Leagues vary in details, please click on the venue name for the specific information on each league including pricing. See our FAQ section for general information. All league will last for 10 weeks.

League Name Day Start Date League Matches* Players Per Side Gender Surface Standard Registration
Leeds - Horsforth (Yarnbury RFC) Mon 09/09/2019 10 7 Mixed 3G Beginner/Intermediate and A Grade

1 Team space remaining.

Space for female individuals.

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Wakefield Sports Club (6-a-side) Mon 09/09/2019 10 6 Mixed 2G -Astro Beginner/Intermediate and A Grade mixed.

Registration now open. Space for individuals and teams

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North Leeds - Grammar School at Leeds Tues 03/09/2019 10 7 Mixed 3G Beginner/Intermediate and A Grade mixed.

1 Team space remaining

Space for male and female individuals

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Bradford & Bingley (6-a-side) Tues 03/09/2019 10 6 Mixed 3G All Standards

1 Team space remaining

Space for male and female individuals

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Leeds - Weetwood Sports Park Wed 04/09/2019 10 7 Mixed 2G - Astro Beginner/Intermediate and A Grade. We will incorporate some international rules into the A Grade division

1 Team space remaining

Space for male and female individuals

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* All season fees cover at least 10 sessions. Where the season allows for less than 10 league matches, Tag Rugby coaching sessions, Tag Rugby fitness sessions or Free Turnup and Play sessions will be added.


Registration is open to whole teams, part-teams (groups) and players looking to join a team. Please note the following:

  • Registration closes four working days prior to the league commencing. 
  • Team places are available strictly on a first to pay the £100 deposit basis until a league sells out (subject to Priority Window rules - see below).
  • Players joining on their own or with a small number of friends can apply to join a team. Places are available only when the fee to join a team has been paid.
  • Current teams are given a priority window of 17 days prior to the new season beginning (see below for full details & exact dates) to confirm their intent to take a place in their league of choice.

Existing Team Priority Deadline

Due to strong demand for places in a number of our leagues we have put the following rules in place to ensure existing teams have every opportunity to rejoin their current league. The existing team priority deadline for Yorkshire Leagues is 17 days before the league starts.    

During this priority window we will allocate places in a league to teams who have registered and paid the £100 deposit confirming their place, based on the following priority system.

1. Existing teams who are currently playing at this league in the most recent season (if the league is currently running)*.

2. Teams moving from other Try Tag Rugby leagues where a league is not being run in the new season. This excludes leading into the Early Summer season where all teams playing during Spring are free to change venues and can still be counted as category 2. Or teams which registered and paid a deposit at this venue for the previous season but missed out due the league being oversubscribed. 

3. Whole teams of players applying to join a team or teams that previously played at the respective league within the previous three seasons. 

4. New teams, teams looking to move league or teams which haven't played for three or more seasons.

Where multiple teams fit in a category above, they will be prioritised in order of when they paid the £100 deposit to confirm their place. 

Once the priorty deadline has passed registrations will continue to be taken on a first to register and pay the deposit basis until the league becomes full. 

*Leagues Closed for Registration

Some of our most popular venues where demand for places usually far outstrips the number of places available in this league, registration will remain closed until 14 days prior to the league beginning. 
For these leagues existing teams will be automatically re-registered by Try Tag Rugby and given a period of up to 17-days to before the new season begins, for the captain to login and confirm the team place by paying the £100 deposit. 
After this point in time, all teams which aren't re-confirmed will be removed from the league and existing priority rules as above will then apply, with the exception that existing teams who are currently playing in the league, will drop from Priority 1, to Priority 2, meaning they are at risk of losing their place to another Priority 2 team. 

Tag Rugby Shorts

Official Try Tag Rugby shorts or Try Tag Rugby ladies' tights (or International Tag Federation approved brands) must be purchased before taking to the pitch in all Try Tag Rugby leagues. 

Tag shorts can always be bought from Try Tag Rugby staff by paying £12 in cash at all our leagues or events. Tag shorts (£12) and tights (£23) can also be purchased in our online shop for postal delivery.  If you already have a pair of Tag Rugby shorts or Tag Rugby tights, please note due to safety reasons (ie length of the shorts being longer than the tags) and consistency (ie strength and location of the Velcro patch) the only other brands of Tag shorts or Tag tights we allow in our leagues are brands sanctioned by the International Tag Federation (ITF) such are Oztag, SAS (NZ Tag Football) and Tagrugby.ie from 2017 (Ireland). Your shorts must have the Try Tag Rugby logo or the logo of one of the other ITF organisations on them to be allowed to be worn in our leagues. Homemade shorts, any other brands of shorts (both UK made or abroad) and Tag Rugby belts are strictly not allowed on safety and consistency grounds!

Weekend Tournaments, Festivals & Social Events

Try Tag Rugby Yorkshire and Try Tag Rugby are also running a number of weekend tournaments and festivals throughout the year. If you are interested in attending these events, please click here for details. 


As the number of teams in our leagues continues to grow, we are on the lookout for additional referees.  All levels of experience are welcome including those who have never refereed before. We will provide free training where required. Once trained up you can referee as little as one game a night or multiple games 4 nights a week. For further details please click here.

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