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Approved Tag Rugby Shorts

We are aware that there may be some remaining confusion on the issue of Tag Rugby shorts and Tag Rugby tights. We therefore thought we would take this opportunity to address this important issue.  

As ever Try Tag Rugby’s primary concern is for the players’ health and safety and fairness on the pitch. Allowing any make of Tag Rugby shorts, Tag Rugby belts or allowing players to make their own Tag Rugby shorts would lead to players being at greater risk of finger and hand injuries. Many makes of Tag Rugby shorts are simply too short, as the tags hang below the bottom of the shorts leading to fingers getting caught in the bottom of the shorts. Homemade or altered shorts are again often shorter than the tags, or come with pockets, further increasing the risk of hand injuries.

From a fairness of competition point of view, Non-approved Tag Rugby shorts or ladies tights often use varying grades and size of the velcro patch, which lead to an unfair advantage on the pitch due to the tags being harder to remove. 

As per our membership of the International Tag Federation we must adhere to their guidelines and use approved Tag Rugby shorts or Tag Rugby tights only. Tag Rugby shorts or ladies tights with the following brands on them are permitted; Oztag Equipment Supplies (Oztag or OES), New Zealand Tag Football (NZTFI or SAS), Irish Tag Rugby Association (ITRA) and Try Tag Rugby.

In February 2015 we received a visit from the International Tag Federation director, Mr Perry Haddock. He is the founder and current CEO of Oztag Australia. He reminded us that we shouldn't allow non International Tag Federation approved shorts in our competitions as a matter of health & safety and to ensure consistency across the board. 

If you need to purchase Tag Rugby shorts or ladies tights, Try Tag Rugby branded shorts or tights can be purchased in our online shop or at your local venue from the competition supervisor. We also have International Tag Federation approved custom kit available.

Try Tag Rugby therefore take this opportunity to remind all players that only International Tag Federation approved Tag Rugby shorts or ladies tights are allowed to be worn in any Try Tag Rugby leagues or events. Non approved shorts remain strictly prohibited and competition supervisors will have to ask players to leave the pitch if such players are found wearing them.

Please email customkits@trytagrugby.com for further details on ordering kit through Try Tag Rugby. Other brands of shorts can be purchased on their respective websites.

Many thanks for your understanding and happy Tagging!

on 12th September, 2016

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