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Northern Hemisphere dominate International Cup

The Try Tag Rugby International Cup took place on Saturday with a record 32 teams taking part.

New nations fielding teams included Greece and the Philippines while England were represented by seven teams and Ireland by eight including several players travelling from Ireland.

The Mixed A-Grade Cup was won by England Roses who defeated New Zealand 4-3 in the final.

The Mixed A-Grade Plate went to Ireland Mountain Wolves who were 8-1 winners over the Ireland Shamrocks.

The Men’s grade was won by Wales, who were eventual winners over England Roundheads after an epic battle which finished nil-all after normal time and nil-all after extra time. Wales won with a try after drop-off (where each team dropped to five-a-side).

The Mixed Social Cup was won by Ireland Wolfhounds, 4-nil winners over Ireland Green.

The Mixed Social Plate went to South Africa who were 7-5 winners over England White, whilst the Philippines won the Mixed Social Bowl.

Action: https://buff.ly/2x9NvXd


Mixed A Grade Cup
1. England Roses (4-3)
2. NZ
3. Australia Kangaroos
4. Asia

Mixed A Grade Plate
1. Ireland Mountain Wolves (8-1)
2. Ireland Shamrocks
3. Ireland Gray Wolves
4. England Lions

1. Wales (Winners after golden point extra time and drop off)
2. England Roundheads
3. England Cavaliers
4. Barbarians

Mixed Social Cup
1. Ireland Wolfhounds (4-0)
2. Ireland Green
3. Ireland Baileys
4. Australia Wallabies

Mixed Social Plate
1. South Africa (7-5)
2. Greece
3. Ireland Guinness
4. USA
5. Australia Gold
6. Ireland White
7. France
8. Barbarians Black

Mixed Social Bowl
1. Philippines (5-2)
2. England White
3. Barbarians White
4. England Knights
5. = Scotland
5. = Wales
7. England Red
8. Anzacs


Player of the Final (A Grade Cup): Dave Wilkinson (England Roses)
Player of the Final (A Grade Plate): Jack Leahy (Ireland Mountain Wolves)
Player of the Final (Men's Grade): Steve Hopkins (Wales)
Player of the Final (Social Grade Cup): Paddy Kelly (Ireland Wolfhounds)
Player of the Final (Social Grade Plate): Andy Russell (South Africa)
Player of the Final (Social Grade Bowl): Jaime Pontey (Philippines)

A Grade Male Player of the Tournament: Kirby Roper (New Zealand)
A Grade Female Player of the Tournament: Aoife Earl (Ireland Gray Wolves)
Men's Grade Player of the Tournament: Rhys Davies (Wales)
Social Grade Male Player of the Tournament: Darragh Conway (Ireland Green)
Social Grade Female Player of the Tournament: Kristal Kitto (Barbarians Black)

Referee of the Tournament: Jeremy Tuson

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