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Changes to Squad Regulations

Having reviewed our existing regulations we've made changes to the squad regulations to make for a better experience for players*.

The new match regulations page has been split out from the rules page. The new match regulations will come into effect from the Winter 2017/18 season. Until the autumn/late autumn leagues finish we'll be continuing with the existing match regulations. The changes being made are summarised below.

Ringer regulations

The ringer regulations have been a constant source of confusion and as a result players have been unsure of what they can and can't do. It has also been very difficult for League Organisers to police. As a result we have changed the ringer regulations to make them much simpler. We have removed the playing short restrictions however teams are only allowed to have two ringers.

In mixed you can have one and only one male ringer assuming you don't already have a male sub and one and only one female ringer assuming you don't already have a female sub. In single gender leagues teams may have up to two ringers bringing them up to a maximum of two subs. 

Stand ins

The stand ins feature will be removed as of Wednesday 18th October. Any player that is registered in a squad as a stand in will be removed from that squad. This is to simplify the squad lists and make sure that they stay up to date for the current season.

Squad size limits

Squads will be limited to 20 players. Remember, only players playing in the current season should be registered on your squad.

Players registered in multiple teams on the same night

Players registered on three or more teams will no longer be allowed. Allowing triple registrations has had a negative impact on players who are dual registered as in some leagues many have missed out on games due to the volume of clashes. There wasn't an easy solution in order to balance out the number of clashes with all the other requirements on season draws and therefore to make it fairer across the board we've come to this decision. Note: In the future we are considering putting a limit on the number of dual registered players per team so it is advised that you strive towards having a squad of players that only play for one team at your venue on the night.

Talent Distribution Cap

The talent distribution cap was introduced in order to spread out international players across teams in leagues. We have now redefined the talent distribution cap and loosened the restrictions on numbers. Timeframes for what constitutes an International player have also been made clearer. Please see the link above for full details.

* Note on occasions local league organisers of new or developing leagues may choose to play variations on these regulations. In which case this will be noted in the welcome email.

on 16th October, 2017

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