A Try Tag league dedicated to men 35 and over, Try Tag Rugby Masters is a minimal contact version of Rugby, generally played in the 7-a-side format. Matches last 40 minutes, and venues are conveniently located in areas with good transport links.

Tag Rugby is a minimal contact team game in which each player wears shorts with velcro patches with two tags attached to them. The mode of play is similar to Rugby League or Touch Rugby with attacking players attempting to dodge, evade and pass a rugby ball while defenders attempt to prevent them scoring by "tagging" - pulling a velcro attached tag from the ball carrier. Seven players in each team are allowed on the field at a time, whilst the field dimensions are 70m by 50m. The attacking team has six plays or tags to try to score a try or take the ball down field as close to the line as possible. Tries are worth one point and there are no conversions. In mixed Tag Rugby, female tries are worth two points.

The only difference is that the league is graded based on age and attitude with the league endorsing the attitude of contact Masters; opponents buy each other drinks after the game!

If you’d like to come along to a Free Taster Session check the locations here. We’ll be running a Masters 35 group taster as part of our Richmond taster session on Thursday 19th April, a week before the first league of the summer kicks off.

Our first Masters league will be launched as part of our Richmond League which runs on Old Deer Park, not far from Richmond Athletic Ground, home of Richmond RFC, running as a men's league. The league will run with a similar set up to our other Try Tag Rugby leagues. For more information contact League Organiser Dave McElhill on davemcelhill@trytagrugby.com.

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