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Been playing tag for about 3-4 years now. It’s so much more than a sport. It’s a community of the loveliest group of people I’ve ever met. 

Ap Dunne

I played Rugby League for years but had to give the game up due to a recurring shoulder problem. I stumbled across Try Tag Rugby last year and it's fair to say that Tag Rugby League is now my favourite sport. It's the perfect game for me, as not only can I still get my Rugby League fix in a sport that looks and feels exactly like Rugby League, the non-contact aspect has meant I've remained injury free. In it's own right it is a great sport and I'd encourage all current and retired Rugby League players to give it a try, you won't regret it!

Jeremy Robertson

I wanted to send you this email to say a big thank you to you and the rest of the team! I cannot put in words how much I enjoy playing Tag Rugby and how thankful I am for you guys to put such hard work into it week in and week out, to make it a pleasant experience for everyone.

I have met so many great people since I started in March, and some have become friends over this time, many of whom I look forward sharing more great moments with in the years to come.

Christina Puppel

“I enjoy playing Tag Rugby as it allows me to meet people while playing a sport I love. As it is a new sport in London it has been good to play in a fun social setting with others who either enjoy the sport as well or are just learning. Try Tag Rugby have started a great thing, it's worth getting involved!”

Melissa Spero

"I started playing tag rugby last summer/autumn and have really enjoyed playing it. It's great exercise and a great way of meeting new people. The games are enjoyable and fun and whilst competitive, are mostly not taken too seriously. The games are properly refereed (although some dont always agree with the referee!!) by fully trained officials which helps make the game more enjoyable. Also, for many of us, it is one of the few opportunities we will get to represent our country, with regular international games being played between teams from the various countries.

I would recommend tag rugby for everyone, but most especially for those who are (like myself) not bothered or built for playing full-contact rugby but also those looking to make new friends. It's a great way of creating a new circle of friends, with an excellent social scene both after the games and at weekends, with the organisers regularly organising trips to various sporting events in London. Come and see for yourself!"

John Stafford

"Thanks for another great year of tag! Try Tag Rugby do a marvellous job and tag has really transformed my time in London and I can't say thanks enough!"

"Although I'm now on the other side of the world, Try Tag Rugby is forever in my heart and mind and I'm absolutely sure it is just going to grow in both size and popularity. Onwards and upwards!"

Rachael Speare

"I came to the game with virtually no rugby experience. They've been perfectly welcoming to players of all types of skill and ability. It's tough, fast and great fun."

Bill Martin

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you all. Since I got home I've realised just how much I miss tag and most of all the amazing people I met while playing. My time in London would not have been the same without it. So thanks for everything you did to make that possible. 

Lauren Taylor

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