Tag Rugby Insurance

All you need to know

Whilst we consider Tag Rugby a very safe sport which can be played by players of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels, like all sports there is a small risk of injury.

There is also a very minor risk of sustaining a bad injury. This is why Try Tag Rugby through our partners the RFL provides Personal Accident Insurance to all registered players in case of catastrophic injuries.

Thankfully since beginning in mid-2009, and with tens of thousands of matches played, we have had no such events take place in our leagues. We strongly hope that no Try Tag Rugby player shall ever suffer such an injury.

However, with our Personal Accident Insurance we have the peace of mind that if anything bad was to happen to one of our players, they would have insurance cover.

To make sure you are covered, please make sure that you and all the players in your team are correctly registered by filling in all the details in your online profile and confirming your email address. To find out further information about our Personal Accident Insurance, click on the PDFs below.

Personal Accident Insurance (PDF)
Public Liability (PDF)
Insurance Brokers Public Liability Insurance Confirmation (PDF)