What equipment do I need?

What do I need to get started?

Tag Rugby requires minimal equipment. Balls & tags are provided centrally at each venue. 

What equipment do I need?

To take part in our leagues, you will need ITF approved Tag Rugby shorts or Tights, which can be purchased on our website shop. Many players wear base layers or gym leggings under their shorts or tights, particularly during cooler weather.

For tops, most players just wear comfortable sports wear. Matching kits are not essential, as the referee tells the teams apart by the colour of the tags. However over time, many teams invest in matching shirts, to help look the part! For teams looking to order full kit, Try Tag Rugby offers team kits. Our kits use sublimation printing, which means we can produce jerseys, singlets, shorts, tights and a growing selection of off-field gear in any colour or design.

For footwear we recommend boots with blades or plastic/rubber studs (Metal studs not allowed). You can choose to wear trainers, but please note they will be slippery in wet conditions. Some all weather venues have specific rules around footwear, so please check your venue details page closely for further information.