How to Join a team

All you need to know about joining a team



What happens when you sign up?

Signing up as an individual is one of the most popular ways to get involved! Sign up as an individual and we will put you together with other individuals to form a team.

If we can’t create a whole team of individuals we will do our best to place you in an existing team looking for extra players. Either way, it’s a great way to meet people and make some new friends along the way. Many individuals who join a team end up playing on those teams for years, with teammates becoming friends for life.

In the rare case where you join as an individual and we can’t place you in a team, we’ll of course offer a refund or the chance to switch to a different day, league or venue.

In addition to our regular weekly leagues, individuals can also register to join a team for many of our one day events. One day events are a great way to meet Tag Rugby players from all over the UK and the world. If you’ve only ever played Tag Rugby with your friends or work colleagues, we strongly recommend giving one of these events a go! Find out more about our upcoming events.

Find Your League

How to join a team

1. Find your league
2. Select the ‘Join a Team’ button
3. Log in or create an account
4. Pay the individual player fee by entering your payment details when prompted and click “Pay Now”
6. You will be automatically sent a confirmation email to the email address associated to your TTR account. If you have just created your account then you will need to open this email and follow the instructions to confirm your email address

That’s it! You are finished and registered to join a team in the league.

If you have any special requests such as being placed in the same team as friends who have also registered, please contact us at least one week before your league is due to begin. If correspondence is received later than one week prior to the league beginning, it’s unlikely we will be able to help you.

Find Your League

Approximately four days out from the league beginning, you will receive the season launch email from Try Tag Rugby regarding the draw, individual players allocated to teams and details specific to your venue. If your league is due to start in two days time and you are yet to hear from us, please contact us.

Yes this isn’t a problem, subject to their being available space in a team. Available space in a league is displayed on the league details section for each League but please feel free to contact us if you are unsure and/or to double check. Fees will be prorated if you join a season after it has started.

If you have some friends who also want to play, but not enough to join as a team, just sign up as individuals and then contact us requesting to be on the same team.

Alternatively if you have at least six or more players, you can register as a team and contact us to request a group fee. The group fee is a pro rata team fee price. As long as sufficient notice is provided (please email us at least one week before your league is due to start), we can potentially top up your squad with other players. You and the rest of your group can also try and find more players, see our create a Tag Rugby team page for some ideas. If you are paying a pro-rata team fee, Try Tag Rugby reserves the right to add extra players to your squad to help cover the cost of team entry.

Yes, that is no problem. It is quite common for players to miss one or more weeks during a season. Just let your team and team organiser know as far in advance as possible. Most squads will be big enough that having a few players missing won’t cause a problem. If your squad is small or lots of players will be unavailable on the same date you may need to find a ringer for your team. See the Find a Ringer section.

If you are enjoying playing why not try and encourage other people to get involved, you could even try and create your own team! Find out more in our Create a Team section.

Creating a new team doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your current team, why not look at creating a team to play on a different night of the week or at a one day event. Some leagues do also allow dual registration of a small number of players within the same league. Please contact us if you want to find out what might be possible.

Towards the end of the current season you should start thinking about what you want to do next season. Your options for continuing to play are:
Re join a league with your current team
Once in a team the easiest way to join a league is to register as a team. See Create a Tag Rugby Team for details of how to register as a team
Create your own team – get your friends, family and work colleagues together and enter your own team. See Create a Tag Rugby Team for more details.
Join as an individual and be added to another team – if your team isn’t going to continue or you would just like to play for a different team and meet some new people you can register for the league as an individual again. If your current team is continuing but you would rather play for a different team please send us a message using the contact us section asking to be placed on a different team.
Join another team through somebody you know – Try Tag Rugby leagues are very friendly and social so it is likely you will get to know people from another team, from time to time other teams have space for extra players so you could decide to switch teams.

If you are not going to be continuing with your current team next season, please let your current teammates know as soon as possible so that they can try and find a replacement player.

We encourage players and teams to start thinking about the following season 3-4 weeks before the end of the current season. Many leagues have limited space and often have a priority window (often 17 days before the normal registration deadline) for existing teams to re join the leagues and to be guaranteed a place in the league. If you leave making a decision on next season until the last minute you may risk missing out on your preferred league/venue.

Tag Rugby can be played on pitches of varying sizes, with varying numbers of players per side. The number of players on the pitch for each league is always noted on our website.

The most common format is the 7-a-side mixed format consisting of four males (maximum) and three females. For this format, we will place a maximum of 12 players (7 male and 5 female) in your squad.

A squad of 12 players ensures you can still field a team if some of your players can’t play due to other commitments or injury. It also gives you a couple of substitutes of each sex for during the game. Unlimited subs are permitted in all games and ALL players should sub on and off regularly to ensure everybody gets a similar amount of game time. On rare occasions players find themselves on a team where somebody doesn’t substitute as often as everybody else, this can lead to some people getting greater game time than others. In this situation if you don’t feel comfortable raising it within the team yourself please speak to your venue supervisor so that they can subtly raise it with the team.

In the case where a whole team of individuals has been formed, your venue supervisor will speak to the team after round one, and ask who is interested in becoming the team organiser. The person who is team organiser can then access the contact details of all players in the team by logging into their account and clicking on my teams, scrolling down to the team and then clicking on view existing players. The organiser can then send a weekly email around to the squad or set up a Whatsapp group, to create pre-match banter and confirm numbers for your weekly fixture.

Don’t let your team turn you off Tag Rugby! If there is a problem with your current team then please raise this with your venue supervisor. Often teams just need some time to get to know each other and gel together. Where this is not the case the Venue Supervisor may be able to speak to the team and help resolve the issue. On the rare occasions where an issue can’t be resolved we may be able to move you and/or others to a different team or league.