How can Tag Rugby benefit you?


From belly laughs with best mates to feeling fitter, faster and fresher, there are plenty of benefits for those who join the Try Tag Rugby family! Our community is home to people of all ages, genders and skillsets, so rest assured that you can benefit regardless of your personal goals.

As well as giving participants a place to push themselves and improve their fitness levels, many people join leagues for the social scene, and the opportunity to have a laugh and meet new people.

Health and Fitness

Playing Tag Rugby regularly is a great way to improve your fitness levels and feel fitter and healthier. You could burn up to 600 calories in a single game of Tag Rugby, making it the perfect sport for players looking to lose a little weight or improve their fitness.

If you’re exercising weekly, you can enjoy increased heart health, better endorphin levels and improved focus, as well as feeling more energetic. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now to start boosting your health and fitness levels!

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Love rugby but worried about getting hurt or aggravating an old injury? Tag Rugby is a safer alternative to contact sports like rugby or football, allowing you to push yourself physically whilst minimising the risk of picking up a contact injury.

There’s no tackling or rucking in Tag Rugby – at least not as you might know it – so there’s less strain on your body. If you’re looking to re-enter organised sports after some time away, Tag Rugby is a great sport to rebuild strength and confidence in a safer way.

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Mental Health

Did you know that joining an organised sports team has the potential to improve your mental health? At Try Tag Rugby, we believe there’s nothing better or more beneficial to your mental health than spending time outside with friends playing the sport you love!

In our inclusive community, there’s nothing more important than feeling comfortable – and your team, and the TTR team will have your back through it all.

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Great Social Scene

When you join Try Tag Rugby, the fun doesn’t stop on the pitch! As well as the leagues themselves, all of our players will be invited to our extra-curricular events. There’s regular post match league socials for a chance to chat through the game over a drink. There’s also regional league-wide Christmas parties, annual awards ceremonies and one-off tournaments, followed of course by a legendary afterparty.

In 2022, we threw the largest-ever single-venue Tag Rugby tournament ever staged in the northern hemisphere! TagFest London 2022 saw 108 teams join together for a fantastic day full of sport, laughter and fun.

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Make Your Mark

Part of belonging to a sports team is repping the same colours. But, where’s the fun in wearing the same three colours and boring kits as any other team? Part of the fun of Try Tag Rugby is getting a funky team kit, find out more here.

So, the world’s your oyster. If your team has bonded over a mutual love for avocado, why not show that off? Or, emblazon your team merch with a design of your choice – we can also do hoodies, shorts, tights and more!

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