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This is a resource page for all Try Tag Rugby Referees and should contain everything you need to know as a Try Tag Rugby Referee. 


A thorough knowledge of the rules of Tag Rugby will always make you a better referee. If you know the rules better than the players it makes your job a lot easier and can often avoid players questionning your decisions. The current TTR rulebook can be found here. We aim to do a full review of the TTR rulebook once every two years and the next edition will be due at the start of 2019. The basic guide to the rules (more designed for new players) along with the differences from the Oztag rulebook and our Superleague rule variations can be found here


We pay expenses to our volunteer referees to cover their costs of £11 per game (there are slight variations on games lasting less than the standard 40 minutes). Referees who are also playing in that league are paid £10 per game.  The expenses are paid by the League Organiser after that weeks' fixtures. 


Referees should arrive 15 minutes before the Kick Off time. Expenses may be deducted for referees that do not arrive by this time. 


Referees who agree to referee a full season at a particular league are eligable for a season bonus. You need to be booked in for the season before it starts to qualify and can only miss one week during a season lasting 6-10 weeks and 2 weeks during a season lasting 11+ weeks. If you miss 3 weeks (or 4 during a 11+ season) during a season the league may be given to another referee. Referees need to be on time (15 minutes prior to kick off) and bring the correct equipment to qualify for the bonus. £5 per week will be paid to referees who meet the above bonus criteria at the end of the season. The bonus will be added as a credit to the referee's TTR profile (payment of this will be arranged via the Referee Operations Manager). 

Game Appointments

Referees are appointed to particular leagues and venues by the Referee Operations Manager. Referees are assigned to individual games within that league by the League Organiser. In order to be booked in for games you need to liaise with the Referee Operations Manager (referee@trytagrugby.com). Preference for leagues will be given to referees who referee regularly and want to be locked in to seasons. Full time referees are also given preference over player-referees. Some leagues and venues are more popular than others so those putting their requests and preferences in early will also be given priority. Ad-hoc appointments will also be arranged via the Referee Operations Manager. 


Referees that regularly referee for Try Tag Rugby can earn lots of rewards from our reward scheme; days out, tickets to rugby games plus lots of TTR merchandise and stash! You can see all the rewards and how many games you need to referee to earn them here


In order to make sure that all our referees are interpreting the rules in a consistent manner and also to answer any rule or scenario questions you might have we run regular forums (you can see details of them and register for them here). All referees, regardless of experience or number of games refereed are encaouraged and welcome to attend these free forums. Refreshments will be provided. We also have an Try Tag Rugby Official Referee Forum on Facebook for referees to discuss issues and rules online. Follow the link to join the forum. 

International Refereeing

For those referees who are more experienced or show an apptitude for refereeing at the higher levels of Tag Rugby there are regular opportunities to referee Internataional Tag Rugby. Try Tag Rugby are the official representatives of Great Britain Tag Rugby and provide match officials for International matches in the UK and also abroad, including the ITF World Cup. The Great Britain teams compete every year so there are normally opporunities to refereee at International level most years. If you're interested in refereeeing at International level please contact referee@trytagrugby.com

Responsibilities - The Game

Player safety is paramount when refereeing;

- You should ensure that before each match kicks off that players are not wearing any jewellery (such as bracelets, rings / ear rings) or watches (including Fitbits etc) as they can cause injury.

- All shirts must be tucked in and no tops with open pockets can be worn (other shirts can be worn over these tops if it covers the pockets or the tops may be turned inside out) as fingers can get caught in the pockets whilst attempting to make tags.

- Contact, regardless of intent of the player or the severity of the contact should always be penalised. Warnings are not sufficient as we have a zero tolerance policy towards contact in Tag Rugby. The safety of players is paramount and is the first priority of the referee. 

The start of the match should be decided by rock/paper/scissors - the team that wins will decide which end to start at and the losing team will kick off. 

The referee should correctly record the score on the scorecard provided and regularly announce the score throughout the game so that any scoring errors are quickly identified and rectified. Female tries in mixed games count for 2 points and should be noted in order to differentiate between those and male tries. The final score should be noted on the scorecard. A player of the match is decided by the referee and the players' full name should be recorded on the scorecard. 

Under no circumstances should referees swear or be rude to players! 

Responsibilities - General

Whilst referees are volunteers they are expected to maintain a professional attitude and manner whilst representing Try Tag Rugby. You are representing Try Tag Rugby during the games you officiate but also whilst you are wearing your referee uniform. This also extends to any post-match venues and social media whilst wearing Try Tag Rugby referee uniforms. 


Ensure that you bring the following; official Try Tag Rugby referee shirt (with correct sponsor, currently PSS International Removals), timing device, whistle & pen/pencil and appropriate footwear for the surface you are refereeing on. N.B. Please ensure that the official Try Tag Rugby referee shirt is always worn on top of any other garments worn. 

Player discipline

We have a zero tolerance policy towards back chat or abuse of referees. Any players or teams who back chat or abuse the referee can be penalised using penalties, 10m marches, sin-bins and red cards. 

Should you issue a red card to a player, they need to be informed of this at the time. This needs to be reported to the League Organiser after the match has finished. You may be asked to write a short report of the events by the Referee Operations Manager. 

Try Tag Rugby take the safety of all our officials very seriously and any players found abusing officials will be given suspensions or bans.  


Try Tag Rugby regularly run one-day tournaments which are great fun and a good chance to referee different teams. They're normally held on Saturdays and referees are paid £65 expenses for those that referee all day, attend the referee briefing and help with the close down. There are also smaller weekend tournaments throughout the year which are no all-day, expenses for those are variable.  


If you need any help with anything relating to refereeing please feel free to contact referee@trytagrugby.com or ask any Try Tag Rugby staff member.  

TELEPHONE: 0203 137 2722
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