Super League

For Elite Teams in their regions

London, Yorkshire and Manchester currently host weekly Super Leagues for the elite teams in their regions. Super League represents the highest level of Tag in the UK below representative level.

Super Leagues differ from A-Grade and intermediate Try Tag Rugby leagues in that they are played with full international rules. The main differences are the 8-a-side format, the inclusion of bonus boxes, 50:10s and any gender being allowed to kick-off.

Many of the sides playing in Super League started off in A-Grade or intermediate leagues and developed their performances over multiple seasons to the extent that they needed the greater challenge of Super League competition. Individual registration is occasionally possible for Super League but the heritage and standing of the teams means that they tend to do their own recruitment rather than requesting individuals from TTR.

Find Your League

Little or no experience of playing Tag Rugby or Rugby of any form

Experience of playing a couple of seasons of Tag at beginner grade or moderate experience of playing Rugby of any form

Experience of playing a number of seasons of Tag or experienced rugby player of any other form

Experienced Tag Rugby player or experienced rugby player who has played at least one season of Tag Rugby previously. Some additional International Rules are played

These leagues will include a mixture of players of all standards and are therefore open to all players.