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Learning Documents

At TTR, we strive for the development and growth of our referees. The TTR Referee Curriculum provides the community with a pathway for referees from a Beginner Level to the International game, the requirements for referees to progress, and opportunities for those wanting to get involved! Other documents that will be available are sample rule questions that allow those wanting to progress or to get involved an opportunity to have a go at some of the rules that referees will need to implement in the game.

Assessment Documents

Current Assessment Documents that are used for TTR Referees.

TTR Referee Curriculum
TTR Referee Practical Assessment
Notification to Progress a Referee Level (Level 2-3)

Educational videos

At TTR, we strive to provide our referees with current tools to develop and progress. The videos below are available for those who may not be able to participate in the initial seminar, which they can rewatch to gather information they may need. Some videos available will include recent rule changes, referee preparation, conflict management and special guest speakers.

TTR Referee Webinar Series 1 – Rule Clarification
TTR Referee Webinar Series 1 – Rule Clarification Clips