Great Britain Tag Rugby training squads announced as national sides embark on a brand new World Cup cycle

With a World Cup Gold, two silver and three bronze medals joining the reclaimed British & Irish Cup in the trophy cabinet; 2023 was the most successful year in Great Britain Tag Rugby’s history. All efforts now focus on the new cycle with the 2024 training squads announced today, ahead of two international engagements this summer as the journey to the 2026 Tag World Cup begins.

A new era means new faces amongst the coaches and managers as well as an investment in youth and the opportunity for a number of new players to stake their claim on the national jersey for years to come. The Women’s Open team is coached by Hannah Wilson and Riley Lombardo, who are both marking their first year as GB coaches. Wilson was part of the team for the previous World Cup cycle and says “In 2024 Women’s Open are looking to build on the success of last year’s World Cup silver medal in Ireland. The squad is jam packed with talent and we can’t wait to get stuck into some highly competitive training. Yeah The Girls!”

The Men’s Seniors side is another at the start of an exciting journey with new Head Coach Tony Musgrave now at the helm. “Dave Dunk [Assistant Coach] and I are feeling really excited about this Men’s Seniors squad and getting to work together soon. We have not only selected experienced players who will have an immediate impact but also players with development potential, as we look further ahead into the 2026 World Cup cycle” said Musgrave.

Eagle-eyed players and supporters may have noticed the return to the traditional naming of the Great Britain sides as per the new ITF policy. The age category above Opens is once again called Seniors with the final category above it named Masters.

The developments to the programme aren’t limited to the coaches, managers and players of the existing eight teams. Following the most extensive review into the programme yet, it became clear there was huge support for the creation of “Unders” teams to bring the next generation of international superstars into the game and secure a competitive future for Great Britain Tag Rugby. Two new sides, the Women’s U23s and Men’s U23s will therefore be established this year with open tryouts taking place for the two teams at Reading RFC on Saturday 13th April. These two sides will train toward the British & Irish Cup in August with other competitive opportunities following from that.

Regent’s Park will again be the main hub for Great Britain training this coming year but all sides will be required to hold a minimum of one weekend camp outside of London at a date and location agreed upon by their players. The three Opens sides are aiming to take this a step further and trial a camp model of training that will see the majority of training take place outside the capital, in an effort to improve access to the national side for players across the country. Tag Rugby remains an amateur sport and Great Britain teams are once again seeking sponsorship. The revamped sponsorship packages will shortly be unveiled for players and supporters to share amongst friends, families and colleagues.

Great Britain will play international fixtures at home and away this year with a two day inbound test series taking place against South African and French sides on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th July. The venue for these matches is under review to best accommodate the South African sides and will be confirmed shortly. The British & Irish Cup will be hosted by Ireland this year and will take place at University College Dublin, a fittingly famous venue for this most historic of international tag competitions. Great Britain are the current holders of the trophy having secured a record 5-2 win in 2023 and will be aiming to win the tournament on Irish soil for the first time.

Will Shepherd, Great Britain Programme Director says “It was brilliant to see so many players registering for Great Britain selection this year, many of whom were doing so for the first time. The legacy of our teams’ success at last year’s World Cup is off to an encouraging start! I would like to take the opportunity to thank and pay tribute to those players who have decided to retire from international duty this year; the impact they have had on the programme’s journey to our World Cup medals is immeasurable.

“The players selected in our training squads today represent a vision of the future of elite Tag Rugby in this country. Our teams combine experience and prowess with youth and ambition and I am excited to see all the players work to start this new cycle on the best possible note when we play South Africa, France and Ireland this summer.”

2024 Great Britain Tag Rugby Training Squads

Head Coach: Hannah Wilson
Assistant Coach: Riley Lombardo
Team Manager: Kaitlin Youens-Brown
Women’s Open: 2024 UKTN Region:
Lucy Artis* Bristol Brabazons
Leah Birkin Yorkshire White Roses
Georgina Blenkin* Yorkshire White Roses
Luisa Braunerova* North London Nighthawks
Anne Broadley North London Nighthawks
Liath Campbell* South London Seals
Jessica Charles South London Seals
Laura Daley* South London Seals
Freya Entwistle South London Seals
Sophie Gallagher South London Seals
Hannah Gascoigne* South London Seals
Julianne Grehan* North London Nighthawks
Emily Gulvin West London Wolves
Rachel Healy* East London Eels
Ellis Hillman* Bristol Brabazons
Rosie Hudson North London Nighthawks
Phili Hughes* South London Seals
Alice Kendle South London Seals
Ellen McGuinness North London Nighthawks
Sophie McLaren*
Julia Melling* North London Nighthawks
Maddie Rendell* Bristol Brabazons
Eleanore Richardson-Ampaw North London Nighthawks
Lucy Ridler Yorkshire White Roses
Emily Rona-Roper
Anita Snowdon South London Seals
Jade Walker West London Wolves
Hannah Wilson North London Nighthawks


Head Coach: James Baron
Assistant Coach:
Team Manager: Mandy Morris
Men’s Open: 2024 UKTN Region:
Daniel Ampaw
James Baron West London Wolves
George Blake* Bristol Brabazons
Marcus Campopiano
Josh Crewe North London Nighthawks
Nick de Jonge Thames Valley Titans
Cameron Fisher West London Wolves
George Goldie South London Seals
Ollie Greenhill Bristol Brabazons
Andrew Harkins Yorkshire White Roses
Dean Irvine North London Nighthawks
Jake Jones East London Eels
Elliot McDermott North London Nighthawks
Ross McGee* North London Nighthawks
Usman Merchant* North London Nighthawks
David Morris* North London Nighthawks
Claudien Mwalimu* South London Seals
Dante O’Reilly
Russell Reid West London Wolves
William Robinson* South London Seals
Kirby Rona-Roper East London Eels
Isaac Sawyerr* West London Wolves
Tom Stone
Myles Turner East London Eels
Daniel Waters Yorkshire White Roses
Nick Wilkes North London Nighthawks
Conor Williets* South London Seals
Harry Young West London Wolves


Head Coach: Mark Roughsedge
Assistant Coach: Caz Henzell
Team Manager: Ben Smith
Mixed Open: 2024 UKTN Region:
Imogen Andrews* South London Seals
Izzy Bruton Thames Valley Titans
Dan Carrington* Bristol Brabazons
Craig Churchyard* Yorkshire White Roses
Emily Codd Bristol Brabazons
Megan Davids South London Seals
Alfie Dudman Jones* South London Seals
Joshua Ede* Thames Valley Titans
Leia Glading* Edinburgh Highlanders
Mohamed Hammad* West London Wolves
Taylor Hollobon* Yorkshire White Roses
Marcus Lampkin Yorkshire White Roses
Olivia Lampkin Thames Valley Titans
Richard Milford South London Seals
Ashleigh Newbold* Bristol Brabazons
Tom Newsome Bristol Brabazons
Hayley Parrish* Yorkshire White Roses
Jack Payne*
Angel Perrin* Thames Valley Titans
Theo Pett-Ridge* Thames Valley Titans
Hannah Powell* Bristol Brabazons
Laura Riches Manchester Worker Bees
Courtney Robinson* Yorkshire White Roses
Jacob Rouse* Thames Valley Titans
Alex Ryan Yorkshire White Roses
Reiss Walker West London Wolves
Zoe Wardle* Bristol Brabazons
Emma Waugh* South London Seals


Head Coach: Ant Merrett
Assistant Coach: Sam Bedford
Team Manager: TBC
Women’s Seniors: 2024 UKTN Region:
Sam Bedford East London Eels
Nikki Briant East London Eels
Nicola Butler*
Kirsty Clarke East London Eels
Stacey Coffin East London Eels
Gill du Toit South London Seals
Steffy Geertsen South London Seals
Anita Hamilton Yorkshire White Roses
Lisa Hill* Bristol Brabazons
Sarah Hunter North London Nighthawks
Vicky James* Thames Valley Titans
Ellie Jones West London Wolves
Samantha Jones* Thames Valley Titans
Lois Lau East London Eels
Corrina Litscher West London Wolves
Rachel Livingston Yorkshire White Roses
Daisy Mankee Yorkshire White Roses
Kate Merson South London Seals
Sarah O’Neill East London Eels
Evie Orford* North London Nighthawks
Tomi Patience East London Eels
Coral Pike* Bristol Brabazons
Jessica Sass* South London Seals
Bethany Smith* Yorkshire White Roses
Charlotte Towerton East London Eels
Ellie Wharton West London Wolves
Freya Wilde Yorkshire White Roses
Tabitha Young* Thames Valley Titans


Head Coach: Tony Musgrave
Assistant Coach: David Dunk
Team Manager: Paul Figueiredo
Men’s Seniors: 2024 UKTN Region:
Peter Ainsley West London Wolves
Aaron Au West London Wolves
Alex Babb* South London Seals
Sam Beer* North London Nighthawks
Mike Bloom South London Seals
Michael Brent East London Eels
Sam Button* North London Nighthawks
Charlie Coltart* South London Seals
Jackson Day* East London Eels
Darren Dickinson* Yorkshire White Roses
Tom Entwistle South London Seals
Isaac Fanin South London Seals
Neville Gahanao* South London Seals
George Gamlin* South London Seals
Henry Greenhalgh West London Wolves
Sijan Gurung* Coventry & Warwickshire Hurricanes
Benji Hayes* South London Seals
Alex Hickson
Tom Higgs East London Eels
Jack Knowles* North London Nighthawks
Robert Murch East London Eels
Rob Poole
James Price* South London Seals
Nick Stanworth West London Wolves
Sam Strickland* Bristol Brabazons
Joel Watson* East London Eels
Dan Webber* East London Eels
Harry Yeates* East London Eels


Head Coach: Kim Parkinson
Assistant Coach: Cat Lindsay
Team Manager: Mark Pett-Ridge
Mixed Seniors: 2024 UKTN Region:
Johnny Berrill South London Seals
Hanna Breckons North London Nighthawks
Grace Brown East London Eels
Geoff Chan*
Rob Chance Yorkshire White Roses
Mark Crowley South London Seals
Mike Dowd North London Nighthawks
Laura Elliott Yorkshire White Roses
Ronan Farrell
Andrew Goodman*
Raphael Himiona-Morosoli
Florian Hodgson Tuck
Hollie Johnston West London Wolves
Hafa Karim Yorkshire White Roses
Hannah Kent West London Wolves
Angus Lawson South London Seals
Catherina Lindsay West London Wolves
Billy Lyons
Sian McGuinness Manchester Worker Bees
Amelia Millan* West London Wolves
Iain Naylor West London Wolves
Peter O Donnell North London Nighthawks
Liam O’Keeffe East London Eels
Jane Pilgrim South London Seals
Alexandra Sims Bristol Brabazons
Emily Stone West London Wolves
Aiden Wilkinson Yorkshire White Roses
Melissa Williams* West London Wolves


Head Coach: Tracey Smith
Assistant Coach: Emma Becker
Team Manager: Helen Freeman
Women’s Masters: 2024 UKTN Region:
Emma Becker South London Seals
Natalie Bell Yorkshire White Roses
Sarah Bond East London Eels
Marianne Bowtell East London Eels
Saskia Bradbury* North London Nighthawks
Rebecca Calver South London Seals
Samantha Carter-Allison South London Seals
Aillin Conant North London Nighthawks
Robyn Drake* Brighton & Hove Dolphins
Susan Eriksen South London Seals
Rocio Garcia Vilches South London Seals
Jennifer Griffin North London Nighthawks
Raegan Healy* Bristol Brabazons
Miriam Howe South London Seals
Ella Joines* Brighton & Hove Dolphins
Sarah Jones South London Seals
Deirdre Kindregan North London Nighthawks
Christine Lawton South London Seals
Shelley Lombardo South London Seals
Breeda Mac Eoin North London Nighthawks
Stephanie McCabe*
Joanna Miles West London Wolves
Sophia Prout South London Seals
Teagan Raucci South London Seals
Tessa Saunders North London Nighthawks
Tracey Smith East London Eels
Cheryl Stanley* Coventry & Warwickshire Hurricanes
Chrissy Towers Thames Valley Titans


Head Coach: Matt Picknett
Assistant Coach: Andrew Davis
Team Manager: TBC
Men’s Masters: 2024 UKTN Region:
Enyioma Anomelechi* Bristol Brabazons
Jay Beare East London Eels
Andrew Davis East London Eels
Luke Evans* South London Seals
Martin Gambles Wigan Wizards
Nathan Goodfellow North London Nighthawks
Joseph Hannaby* South London Seals
Kenny Hunt East London Eels
Andrew Inglis South London Seals
Rhys Jones South London Seals
Minkee Kim* Bristol Brabazons
Steve Leary East London Eels
Arron Lombardo
Toby Lord* Coventry & Warwickshire Hurricanes
Benjamin Payne East London Eels
Ben Picknett
Matt Picknett
Christopher Prout
Gareth Roach South London Seals
Alexander Sadgrove East London Eels
Hayden Stewart Yorkshire White Roses
Shun Tamura East London Eels
Karl Temata* Wigan Wizards
Michael Vinluan Thames Valley Titans


*denotes players uncapped at test level for Great Britain


Key Dates for the Great Britain Programme

MARCH 2024

24.03.24 – Training commences – East London RFC, London

APRIL 2024

21.04.24 – Training returns to Regent’s Park

MAY 2024

11.05.24 – UK Tag Nationals University of Warwick, Coventry

30.05.24 – Test squads to play South Africa and France announced

JULY 2024

06-07.07.24 – South Africa & France Test Matches – Final Venue TBC

18.07.24 – British & Irish Cup squads announced


24-25.08.24 – British & Irish Cup – University College Dublin, Ireland


14.09.24 – End of Season Awards Social