Try Tag Rugby’s Autumn Tournament made a long awaited return on Saturday (30th October) after missing out in 2020. Making its first appearance at King’s House Sports Ground in Chiswick, an exciting and enjoyable day of Tag Rugby was enjoyed by teams at all levels with many playing a one day tournament with Try Tag Rugby for the first time.

The day climaxed in an incredible final between BOSS! and Friends and Fun Guns & Buns. Cheered on by a raucous crowd, BOSS! and Friends finally wrapped up the comeback victory on the fourth round of drop-off holding out their opponents after each team had scored on their first three attempts in the 5-a-side tiebreaker.

In the Division 2 Cup final, Triple Scrum and Coke overcame a strong Where’s Jessica team to take home the honours.


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Division 1
Cup – BOSS! and Friends
Plate – Tobey Taguires
Bowl – Panthers Cubs
Shield – Taghirrim
Female PoT – Lucy Saunders (TLC Invitational)
Male PoT – Prince Hassan III

Division 2
Cup – Triple Scrum and Coke
Plate – You’re A Tagger Harry
Bowl – Richmond Royals
Shield – Vaccinated Jugs
Female PoT – Victoria Monk (Whoppers)
Male PoT – Iain McKenzie (Triple Scrum and Coke)


Division 1 Cup
1 (Winners) BOSS! and Friends
2 Fun Guns & Buns
3 TLC Invitational
5 Based Purely on Merit
6 Will and the Trykings
7 London Fairies
8 Dragons autumn

Division 1 Plate
1 (Winners) Tobey Taguires
2 CC Roosters October Comp
3 Grubber Bang (Grubber Lang on Tour)
4 The Velcro Heroes
5 Sweet Tagoline
6 Tag Marry Avoid on tour
7 The Fulham Flamingoes
8 Dulwich Dragons

Division 1 Bowl
1 (Winners) Panther Cubs
2 Kick & Collect
3 Tagagotchi
4 Tag & Trace Mondays
5 You shall not pass!
6 Ballers
7 The Empire Tags Back
8 Guardians of Tagalaxy vol. 2

Division 1 Shield
1 (Winners) Taghirrim
2 The Notorious Z.I.G
3 No Time To Try
4 Rupple Suckers
5 Chasing the sun
6 At Least We Tryyyyyed
7 Yorkshire Scrumbags
8 Dragon Slayers

Division 2 Cup
1 (Winners) Quadriple Scrum and Coke
2 Where’s Jessica!?
3 Snakes & Taggers
4 Honey, where’s my super tag?
5 Ramily
6 Tupppence a Tag
7 Fig’s Motley Cru
8 Southsider Taggers

Division 2 Plate
1 (Winners) You’re A Tagger Harry
2 Whoppers
3 Clapham_Cabbages
4 Tag-Addicts
7 Footloose
8 Trick or Tag

Division 2 Bowl
1 (Winners) Richmond Royals
2 Double Double Tag and Trouble (Thunder tagz)
3 Pheasant Pluckerz
4 David Tag’nborough
5 We’re Trying Our Best
6 The Sheeptaggers
7 ( Pretty Little Tryers )
8 Sundae in the tournament

Division 2 Shield
1 (Winners) Vaccinated Jugs
2 When you tag nothing at all
3 OG Gin it to Win it
4 BOO Crew!
5 Sweet Potato Tries
6 Squad Ghouls
7 The Tryad Dragons
8 Dirrrty Tagtics