Try Tag Rugby’s Autumn Tournament took place on Saturday 8th October with summer-like weather for the teams taking part.

Returning to King’s House Sports grounds, the site of TagFest earlier in the year, teams enjoyed perfect conditions for Tag Rugby roughout the day.

Turtles were yet again competing in another Cup Final, seeking a clean sweep in tournaments this year, this time facing the Springboks team who traveled from Ireland. In another final which went to drop-off, the Turtles were victorious, with both sides cheered on by a healthy crowd enjoying the October sunshine. Drawn at two-tries each after normal time, Turtles scored first in drop-off, followed by a Springboks right-of-reply try. Turtles scored again from the restart and Springboks were unable to score another right-of-reply try, so Turtles were crowned winners, with a 4-3 win. Turtles have now completed the Triple Crown of the London Spring Tournament, TagFest London and London Autumn Tournament titles in 2022.

In Division 2, the Cup was won by Biden Time, with Loosey Goosey Baby! winning the Plate. CC Roosters won the Division 2 Bowl, with Hurricane Hawks ’22 NL winning the Shield. Meanwhile in Division 3 the Cup winners were Thunder Taggers, Plate winners were Harry and the Sloppies (& Co) with the Bowl going to Falling Tags Season.

Special mention to Samara Lawrence, Division 1 Female Player of the Tournament, winning on her 30th birthday.

Thanks to PSS International Removals, our official referee partner.


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Division 1 Male Player of the Tournament
Keagan Bradley – Springboks

Division 1 Female Player of the Tournament
Samara Lawrence – Samara 30th

Division 2 Male Player of the Tournament
Iwan Evans – Gr-Egg Chasers

Division 2 Female Player of the Tournament

Division 3 Male Player of the Tournament
Corley Callum – Harry and the Sloppies (& Co)

Division 3 Female Player of the Tournament
Devina Tan – The Taquila Kids

Referees of the Tournament: Alex Davies & Tash Macgregor.


Division 1 Cup
1 (Winners) Turtles Autumn
2 Springboks!
3 Cuzzies
4 TLC Invitational
5 Samara 30th
6 Panthers (Tournament)
7 East of Eben
8 Dragons

Division 2 Cup
1 (Winners) Biden Time
2 Oceanus
3 Gr-egg Chasers
4 Harrier Hawks
5 Gotchas
6 Taganosaurus Rex
7 Yipee Try-Yay
8 Pheasant Pluckers

Division 2 Plate
1 (Winners) Loosey Goosey Baby!
2 Jenni’s Muffintops
4 Tagronis
5 Hampstead Hawks
6 Dragon Pandas
7 Grubber Ducky Cuppy
8 Chasing the Sun

Division 2 Bowl
1 (Winners) CC Roosters
2 Rhea
3 Tagquila Tagquila – Sunrise
4 Cheryl’s Angels
5 Taggy C
6 RipNStick
7 No Time To Try
8 The Filthy Scrumbags

Division 2 Shield
1 (Winners) Hurricane Hawks ’22 NL
2 Stop Slaying Fred
3 Scrumpeteers
4 MoUnga MoProblems
5 Tagtok OG
6 Find Rugby Now Flair
7 Dragons Babas
8 Balham Bulls on Tour

Division 3 Cup
1 (Winners) Thunder Taggers
2 The Taquila Kids
3 50 shades of blue 2
4 Top Taggers Club
5 Sugar Taggies
6 Emerging Titans
7 Chicken Sorbet
8 The Salads

Division 3 Plate
1 (Winners) Harry and the Sloppies (& Co)
2 Tag-osaurus’
3 Get ready to scrumble
4 Live and Lets Try
5 Spooky Season
6 Tagstreet’s Back – Tagfest
7 OG Gin it to Win it
8 Calypso

Division 3 Bowl
1 (Winners) Falling Tags Season
2 Thunder Tagz
3 The Four Cardinals
4 Remember Check Your Balls
5 Taguettes
6 Tagsmanian_Devils