The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) were crowned champions of the 10th edition of the London Corporate Challenge 2022! They claimed their second title on the bounce at a sunsoaked Richmond Athletics Ground on Friday 27th May.

The Cup final saw the defending champions fall behind early on to a well taken try from JLL 1. However the quick plays and pace of the FCA players eventually put their opponents to the sword. The reigning champions would finish with a flourish to run out 8-4 winners.

The Plate final was a very close contest with both teams trading scores early on. Kicking Ass-ael took the lead and the initiative in the early exchanges before Devonshires managed to overcome their early missed opportunities. As the game went on they showed more composure to draw level and pull away to a final score of 6-2.

In the Bowl Division, colleagues faced off against each other as JLL 4 faced JLL 3 – friendships were left on the sideline as both teams went all out to win. A tightly fought game ended with JLL 4 eventually pulling away with the win. The final score was 4-2.

All Division winners were awarded a £750 donation to a charity of their choice.

– FCA – Children with Cancer UK
– Devonshires – TBC
– JLL 4 – World Wildlife Fund


Cup Division
Winner: Financial Conduct Authority
Runner-up: JLL 1

Female Player of the Tournament: Tomi Akinlusi (FCA)
Male Player of the Tournament: Leo Elder (Burn It Fitness)

Plate Division
Winner: Devonshires
Runner-up: Kicking Ass-ael

Female Player of the Tournament: Marie Smale (Devonshires)
Male Player of the Tournament: Mike Posso (Kicking Ass-ael)

Bowl Division
Winner: JLL 4
Runner-up: JLL 3

Female Player of the Tournament: Hannah Davies (JLL 4)
Male Player of the Tournament: Nathan Chan (JLL 3)

Final Team standings:

Cup Division

  1. Financial Conduct Authority
  2. JLL 1
  3. Burn It Fitness
  4. Lambeth Walk
  5. See it, Say it, Score it
  6. GLG 4
  7. Knight Frank
  8. Osborne Clarke LLP

Plate Division

  1. Devonshires
  2. Kicking Ass-ael
  3. enable
  4. BTS
  5. Paysafe
  6. JLL Pugh
  7. JLL Bristol
  8. Quell

Bowl Division 

  1. JLL 4
  2. JLL 3
  3. IWGeesus I need a whisky
  4. GLG 2
  5. Mishcon de Reya LLP
  6. Medidata
  7. Medidata 2