Try Tag Rugby’s website, has undergone a redesign and has launched today (Thursday 16th March 2023).

The new website is designed and built by Newcastle based Inspired Agency.

Explaining the reasoning behind the new website and some of the key features, Head of Design & Merchandise, Steve Devonshire said:

“We began exploring changes to our existing website in early 2022 to make the site more intuitive to use and began to look at options for making alterations to our existing site. Ultimately, we decided to completely rebuild the website as this gave us the most flexibility and scope for future-proofing the site.

“We worked with the experts at Inspired Agency to build the site from scratch and they looked at how users to the website navigate around the site and search for leagues and other Tag Rugby information. Inspired Agency asked a lot of questions of us during the development phase to really pinpoint the pain areas and make the journey for our players the best it can be.

“The biggest change is moving away from regional multi-sites in favour of a region agnostic website. In essence this means that visitors to the website will see everything that Try Tag Rugby has to offer and not just the leagues, events or refereeing opportunities in their chosen region. With Try Tag Rugby opening in more regions throughout the country, running multiple sites for each region was becoming unmanageable. The new site allows us to bring everything under one central website, with everything visible to everyone.”

Regional pages will still exist for all Try Tag Rugby areas and will act as a hub of information for different regions with access to leagues, tasters, referee information, news and events but users can just use the central website to search for the information they’re looking for.

In line with our new website launch all Try Tag Rugby regions switched to the main TTR brand red on social media, including profile logos and any informative graphics. This ties in with the region agnostic website and allows all regions to be under the central Try Tag Rugby brand. The regional colours will be retained for the UK Tag Nationals brand, including kits.

If you have any feedback on the new website or you find anything isn’t working as expected, please feel free to email

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