Are you an enthusiastic Try Tag Rugby player who wants to spread the joy of the game and potentially win a year of free tag in the process? If so, then Try Tag Rugby invites you to join our ‘Refer a friend’ scheme. This unique opportunity allows you to not only share the sport you love but also enjoy the rewards of expanding our community. If you’re eager to learn how, read on!

Step 1: Identify Potential Candidates
Do you know somebody living in an area where Try Tag Rugby isn’t currently in operation, such as: Glasgow, Aberdeen, Birmingham South, Cardiff, Newcastle/Gateshead, Liverpool, Nottingham, Bournemouth, Cambridge, Southampton.

If you do that’s fantastic! Next ask yourself if you think they have the qualities to run a successful Try Tag Rugby licence. See step 2 below, for some guidance on what we are looking for.

Step 2: What we’re looking for

  • To live in or very close in one of the areas listed above or another suitable area in which Try Tag Rugby doesn’t operate. Ideally with a good knowledge of the area and even better if they have lots or contacts/networks in the area. The initial licence term is 5 years so they will also need be settled and planning to stay in the area.
  • A passion for sports
  • A desire to own their own business with the support that comes with franchising/licensing
  • An entrepreneurial spirit with drive, vision, and a commitment to succeed whilst also willing to follow licence guidelines
  • To be a social people person with a passion for making a real difference in the lives of others
  • To be organised, a good time manager and have an ability to collaborate with others towards a common goal
  • To be prepared to make an initial investment, as this is a franchise/licence opportunity

Step 3: Referring them
If you think they will be a good match then this is the moment to introduce your potential licensee to Try Tag Rugby and encourage them to explore this exciting opportunity further.

More information on our licence offer can be found on our website here. Your potential licensee can request more information by completing the contact form at the bottom of the licence page.

IMPORTANT: To enter the referral scheme, it is at this point, when your potential licensee submits the contact form, that they must include Referred by ‘your name’ in the comments box. If they don’t include this then you won’t be entered into the referral scheme!

Once your potential licensee has contacted us, we will take them through a process to decide if they are right for us and vice a versa.

Section 4: The Reward
Not everybody referred will be successful, but if the person you refer starts operating a licence, you will receive an entire year of free tag! This is our way of showing appreciation for your support in expanding the Try Tag Rugby community.

The reward, worth more than £200, will be redeemable when the person you referred fully signs the licence agreement and makes full payment of the upfront licence fee.

Your year of free tag includes the following:

  • Free registration into one league per season (4 seasons in London, 5 seasons in elsewhere) over the course of 12 months.
  • Free entry to the London TagFest event and one regional tournament during the 12-month period.

See below for additional Terms and Conditions.

Get started!
Don’t wait to get started! Start identifying potential licensees today and introduce them to the Try Tag Rugby Licence opportunity. Your year of free tag and the satisfaction of helping grow our community await!

Terms and Conditions

  • If the recipient of the reward is signing up for a league/event as part of a team, Try Tag Rugby will deduct 1/11thof the team registration fee from the team statement.
  • The reward is only redeemable by the person who referred the licensee themselves, it is not transferrable
  • The potential licensee must start a licence within the 16 months of the referral for the reward to be claimed.
  • Any potential licensees who have been sent a copy of the licence brochure since 1st January 2022 will not be eligible for the scheme.
  • The reward only applies if you refer someone who goes on to start a licence for an area where leagues do not currently operate; it does not apply to licence areas that already contain leagues and which are already going concerns.