Saturday 2nd July saw teams descend upon Lockleaze Sports Centre for a fun filled day of tag in Bristol.

TagFest Bristol had 20 teams in attendance in 2022 from Bristol and further afield.

The fancy dress theme this year was “Taggers At Sea” – given Bristol’s naval heritage. It was great to see our teams fitting the theme and taking part in the mid-tournament tug of war competition despite the adverse weather in the morning!

The Cup final was a tightly fought game between two Try-Dye Dragons touring sides -Tryujin Dragons of Bristol and Tryverns Dragons of Bristol. Tryujin ended up taking the silverware, winning their second Bristol TagFest Cup in a row. It’s great to have London teams coming over to Bristol to give our Bristol teams a great challenge to overcome.

Local Bristol sides 1 Legged Taggers and Pussy Tag Dolls had a hard fought Plate final, with 1 Legged Taggers coming out on top one point ahead.

Our bowl final was won convincingly by Tagging Nemo – also being strong contenders for best fancy dress!

A big thank-you to all our referees that made the journey to officiate for us in Bristol this year. A further thank-you to Bristol Physio for providing first aid to us on the day.

TagFest Bristol 2022 – click here
Thanks to Eren from the Soul Media team for providing the photography for the day. You can find more of their work here.

Cup: Tryujin – Dragons of Bristol
Plate: 1 Legged Taggers
Bowl: Tagging Nemo
Player of the Cup: Ben Fowle
Player of the Plate: Dan Carrington
Player of the Bowl: Emma Chamberlain

1: Tryujin – Dragons of Bristol
2: Tryverns – Dragons of Bristol
3: Arrrr F Seeea
4: Shiver Me Taggers

1: 1 Legged Taggers
2: The Pussy Tag Dolls
3: Hip Titties Tourers
4: Not So Cobras
5: Two Pints
6: Slippery Bastags!
7: Can’t Tag Thi$
8: TTA Tagnado

1: Tagging Nemo
2: Hips Don’t Try
3: Dame Taggy Smith
4: Super Mario Taggers
5: Hawaiian Tagsbats
6: AP Seashells
7: Scrum of the Earth!
8: Patatas Bravas