The UK Tag Nationals brings all the Try Tag Rugby regions together to battle it out for the title of UK Tag National Champions in four separate categories.

To continue maximising the potential of the UK Tag Nationals, and consequently elite tag in the UK, the 2023 tournament is being launched seven months ahead of the competition itself with the nomination process now open for you to be selected for your region!

As this is a representative tournament, selection for your region is not guaranteed. To be considered for selection, you must nominate yourself by registering via the links below. Applications will close at 12pm on Friday 25th November unless an earlier date is advertised locally. UK Tag Nationals squads will then be announced on Thursday 1st December.

Kit Payment Deadline*: 12pm Monday 5th December

Many regions will be holding trials to help managers and coaches select the teams. Although players are encouraged to attend any trials being held in your region, people who do not attend the trials will still be considered for selection. If you have already attended a trial for your region you must still complete the online nomination process.

Matches will be played according to the International Tag Federation’s 2022 Rulebook. A maximum of 4 male players are allowed on the pitch at any one time in the mixed category.

Each region will have the option to enter any of the following categories;

– Mixed Open (Training squads of 8 female and 8 male players*)

– Women’s Open (Training squads of 16 female players*)

– Men’s Open (Training squads of 16 male players*)

– Men’s 40s (Training squads of 16 male players born on or before 31.12.83 as per current ITF Tag World Cup eligibility rules*)

*All regions will select training squads of 16 players each in November before selecting a final tournament 12 on Thursday 6th April

Try Tag Rugby reserves the right to move players between categories where required.

Selectors and regional playing requirements/opportunities may be different to those for Great Britain. Playing for Great Britain in a certain team or position does not guarantee the same selection at regional level.

Players in Bristol, Coventry & Warwickshire, Edinburgh North, Manchester, Sheffield, Thames Valley, Wigan and Yorkshire will be eligible for their region based on the league(s) they have played in since the Spring 2022 season. Only players that have played in one of these seasons will be eligible for the UK Tag Nationals.

Players within London will be eligible for their region based on the league(s) they have played in during the Early Summer or Summer 2022 seasons only.

Only those London players who have started or re-started playing from Autumn 2022 will be eligible based on their autumn leagues.

The final eligibility route for players is through the legacy rule whereby a player no longer playing in a league that qualifies them for a region shall be allowed to play for a particular region as long as they a) represented that region in at least one of the last three years prior to the date of the 2023 tournament and b) they are currently registered in any Try Tag Rugby league.


The four London regions consist of the following 2022 Early Summer and Summer Leagues:
North London: Finsbury Park (Monday), Finsbury Park (Wednesday), Hackney (Wednesday), Highbury (Tuesday – 6-a-side), Highbury (Thursday – 6-a-side), Highbury (Saturday – 6-a-side), Hoxton (Monday – 6-a-side), Hoxton (Tuesday – 6-a-side), Regent’s Park (Friday).
East London: Brockley-Lewisham (Wednesday), Canada Water (Monday), Canada Water (Tuesday), Canada Water (Thursday – Men’s Super League – 8-a-side), Canada Water (Thursday – Mixed 8-a-side), Canada Water (Thursday – Women’s Super League – 8-a-side), Peckham (Tuesday), Victoria Park (Tuesday), Victoria Park (Wednesday), Victoria Park (Thursday), Waterloo (Monday – 6-a-side).
South London: Balham (Tuesday), Balham (Tuesday – Beginner only – 6-a-side), Brixton (Monday), Brixton (Wednesday), Clapham & Balham (Thursday), Clapham & Balham (Saturday), Clapham & Wandsworth Common (Monday), Clapham Common (Friday), Clapham Common (Sunday), Clapham Junction Falcon Park (Monday – 6-a-side).
West London: Acton Wasps (Monday), Acton Wasps (Wednesday), Fulham (Sunday), Hyde Park (Monday – Men’s), Hyde Park (Tuesday), Hyde Park (Wednesday – Beginner Only), Hyde Park (Thursday), Property League (Hyde Park), Putney (Wandsworth Park – Tuesday), Putney (Wandsworth Park – Thursday), Richmond (Thursday), The Pig & Whistle League at Wandsworth Town (Wednesday – Men’s Super League & Open Grade – 8-a-side), The Pig & Whistle League at Wandsworth Town (Wednesday – Mixed Open Grade – 7-a-side), The Pig & Whistle League at Wandsworth Town (Wednesday – Mixed Super League – 8-a-side), The Pig & Whistle League at Wandsworth Town (Wednesday – Women’s Open Grade – 7-a-side), The Wolfpack League at Queen’s Park (Thursday).
For new or re-joining players the four London regions consist of the following 2022 Autumn Leagues:
North London Highbury Fields (Tuesday – 5-a-side), North London East Finchley (Thursday – 6-a-side), Paddington Rec (Friday), Shoreditch-Highbury (Saturday – 5-a-side).
East London: Catford-Lewisham (Wednesday), Canada Water Southwark Park Athletics Stadium (Monday), East London (Wednesday), London Bridge-Bermondsey (Thursday – 5-a-side), Olympic Park (North – Tuesday), Olympic Park (South – Thursday – 6-a-side), Rotherhithe (St Paul’s – Tuesday – 8-a-side), Rotherhithe (St Paul’s – Thursday – 8-a-side), Waterloo (Monday – 6-a-side), Waterloo (Friday – 6-a-side).*Rotherhithe Mixed, Men’s & Women’s Super Leagues do not qualify players for East London.
South London: Battersea Park (Monday), Battersea Park Astro (Monday), Clapham & Balham (Saturday), Clapham Junction Falcon Park (Monday – 6-a-side), Clapham Junction Falcon Park (Sunday – 6-a-side), Clapham South (Saturday – 6-a-side), Dulwich (Alleyns – Monday), Tooting Bec (Monday).
West London: Acton Wasps (Monday), Acton Wasps (Wednesday), Barnes (AELTC – Thursday), Barnes (Rosslyn Park – Wednesday), Chiswick (King’s House Sports Ground – Tuesday), Fulham (Sunday), West Hampstead (Thursday).

The roles of coach and captain for each regional side are appointed yearly. 2022 Coaches and Captains that wish to be considered for the same roles in 2023 should contact their Regional Manager at the earliest opportunity to nominate themselves for the role.

New applications for the roles are warmly welcomed and are again encouraged at the earliest opportunity. Please contact your Regional Manager if you would like details about the requirements and responsibilities of each role.

The Regional Managers for the coming year are:
Bristol – Jamie Dinning
Coventry & Warwickshire – Troy Perkins & Alan Robinson
Edinburgh North – Clodagh Nic Lochlainn
East London – Dominic Lee
North London – Connor Bell
Manchester – Adam Johnson
Sheffield – Joe Barker
South London – Ben Shanahan-Sanders & Jimmy Ruff
Thames Valley – Roger Rebelo
West London – Laure Galelli
Wigan – Dylan Barlow
Yorkshire – Bobby Domville

Playing for your Region at the UK Tag Nationals is second only to playing for Great Britain.  It is the second highest profile event on the Try Tag Rugby representative calendar. As such all regions are required to look the part and to play in their official team kit.

The 2023 tournament will see each region play in brand new kit that will then be used again in 2024. As a result all players, regardless of whether they have 2021/22 kit will be required to order a new kit for next year’s tournament. All players selected in the 16 player training squad will receive kit, regardless of whether they ultimately play in the final tournament.

Note: Please ensure you enter your kit preferences and sizing requirements when completing the second part of the nomination process as these will be used in the event of your selection.

The registration fee for the 2023 tournament will again be £25. Due to increased costs for our suppliers kit will increase slightly to £30 this year. However this is still a subsidised cost compared to the retail value of the items that players order. The uniform cost is also to ensure that female players ordering tights do not face a greater cost than their male teammates.

Kit fees will need to be paid by: 12pm Monday 5th December
Only the kit costs will be payable by this date. Further details below.

This year’s event will take place in London in early May. The early launch of the 2023 tournament means that negotiations are still ongoing to secure the best possible venue for such a prestigious tournament and as a result we are unable to confirm the exact details at this point in time. However it was felt that the advantages of allowing regions the maximum training time outweighed waiting for final confirmation.

All teams and players will be required to arrive at the venue in order to register at least one hour before kick off with the first games starting no later than 11:30am. Exact registration opening times will be confirmed in the welcome email. Play will be completed by 18:00 with the presentation and after-party planned to take place onsite at the venue.

Nominating yourself is a two part process. Part 1: Click on the relevant link below. Part 2: Once you have nominated yourself via the link below, you will receive an email containing a link to a registration form. To complete your nomination you must click on the link in the email and answer the required questions.

Coventry & Warwickshire:
East London:
Edinburgh North:
North London:
South London:
Thames Valley:
West London:

Regional trial dates, details and registration links will be advertised locally on your region’s social media. Although attendance at trials is not compulsory, all players are encouraged to attend where possible. Note: Nominating yourself for selection does not automatically register you for a regional trial or vice versa, you will need to register for both separately.

For the first time it is planned that regional competitions will be played between non-London regions prior to the UK Tag Nationals 2023. It is anticipated that two separate tournaments will take place in February/March based on geographical proximity. Bristol, Coventry & Warwickshire and Thames Valley will combine to run one tournament for their sides with teams from Edinburgh North, Manchester, Sheffield, Wigan and Yorkshire playing a separate competition.

Events will adhere to relevant Covid-19 guidelines. Details of Try Tag Rugby’s latest regulations will be circulated in the event welcome email which all players must familiarise themselves with. If any event has to be postponed or rescheduled, players will have the option to carry over their registration or be refunded.