Priority Window

All you need to know



Due to strong demand, at many leagues we have put in place a date for when continuing teams should re-register. This ensures they can rejoin their long standing league of choice. This date is called the Priority Window.

The Priority Window for each respective league will be advertised on the relevant pages in the Join a League section of our website.

When a team registers for a league before the Priority Window closes, we will allocate team places in the following order;

  1. Team is playing in the current season & played in the most recent season in the league they are attempting to join.
  2. Team is playing in the current season, but didn’t play in the most recent season in the league they are attempting to join.
  3. Team paid a deposit for the previous season at the league they are attempting to join, but didn’t get a place due to the league being full.
  4. All other teams (new teams, teams returning from a season off etc)


  • All team places are confirmed by registering for your league of choice through our website and paying the £100 team deposit. Credit on the team statement cannot be used for a deposit (but can be used against the balance of registration fees).
  • Where teams are of an equal priority, places will be allocated on a first to pay the deposit basis. Hence we recommend registering your team well in advance of the Priority Window closing to increase your chances of securing a place in your league of choice.
  • Occasionally when leagues are continuing at the same venue and we also have large demand from teams looking to join that league, we may choose to auto re-registered teams and ask you to pay the deposit by a specific date, prior to opening registration. If your team fails to pay the deposit by the required date, your team will drop to priority 4 when registration opens.