All players, coaches and supporters are expected to adhere to our code of conduct when participating in any Try Tag Rugby League or tournament.

  • Always respect the Referee’s decision
  • Demonstrate sportsmanship and avoid gamesmanship
  • Honour both the spirit and letter of the competition rules
  • Care for and respect the facilities and equipment made available to you
  • Be a good sport. Respect all good play whether from your team or the opposition
  • Never engage in discriminatory or disrespectful behaviour of any sort towards other players, officials or supporters.
  • Treat all officials, staff and opposition players with the utmost respect. Remember, without them you do not have a game
  • Safeguard the health and safety of yourself and others

Team Misconduct

Teams found to be in breach of Try Tag Rugby’s Code of Conduct will be placed on our three tier system for managing issues of misconduct:

First Tier: The team in breach of the Code of Conduct shall be emailed with an official warning. This can be discussed with Try Tag Rugby should the team wish. No penalties or sanctions shall be enforced at this stage.

Second Tier: Should a team be the subject of a further report of misconduct in the subsequent six months they shall be penalised five league points. The team has the right to appeal this decision.

Final Tier: Should the team be the subject of a third report of misconduct in the six months subsequent to the five point penalty they shall be removed from the league. The team has the right to appeal this decision but will be suspended from playing during this process.

Try Tag Rugby reserves the right to escalate progress through the tiers or to extend the period on report between each tier depending on the severity of the misconduct. The review process may also identify a particular player or players within the team and the final tier may be applied solely to them.