Put simply 2023 is the biggest year in Great Britain Tag Rugby’s history.

The first World Cup since 2018, taking place closer to home than ever before is the prize that the programme has its eyes firmly focussed on. Now consisting of eight categories this is the biggest and best equipped GB programme that will have ever competed on the biggest stage in Tag Rugby.

The progression to eight categories comes after the addition of a Women’s 35s team, coached by Tracey Smith and Emma Becker, both of whom have extensive experience playing for the national sides. “10 years on from the first GB Women’s team we had a big task to select a brand new Women’s 35s team less than five months out from the World Cup. We are super excited to see what the group of women we have put together can achieve! With a combination of eligible players moving up from other GB teams, previous internationals coming back into the mix and newcomers to the program we have an immense amount of tag experience between us. Now the hard work begins!” surmised Tracey. The new Women’s 35s team means the programme returns to a position of gender balance after the formation of the Men’s 40s team in 2022.

The Men’s 40s themselves have built on an exciting debut year to be able to pick their strongest squad yet, bolstered by the return of Head Coach Matt Picknett to the fold. The Men’s programme is straining at the bit to get back on the pitch, as noted by Men’s Open Head Coach, James Baron: “It was great to see such a big turnout at trials this year. We’re really excited about the squad we’ve picked, and the season ahead. I’m looking forward to ripping in with the lads, and putting our best foot forward.”

The percentage of regional representation within the Great Britain programme has continued its annual increase again this year following trials at the UK Tag Nationals Regional Tournaments held in Oxford and Manchester. This was recognised by Mixed Seniors Head Coach Andrew Davis who said: “This is my tenth year within the GB programme, and the exceptionally high quality of trialists ensured these were by far the hardest selection dilemmas I have faced. This is highlighted by the growth within the regions and as such Mixed Seniors consists of numerous players based outside London. Any year playing international tag is exciting but a World Cup year is extra special. I am very much looking forward to working with the squad, our leadership group and coaching staff to achieve our ultimate goal of World Cup glory!”

Before the World Cup the teams will get stuck into regular training at Regent’s Park in London with the British & Irish Cup taking place in Chiswick on Saturday 24th June their final opportunity for competitive action in the GB jersey before they head to Limerick and the World Cup in August.

Both the British & Irish Cup and the Tag World Cup will be open for on-site spectators as well as being streamed across GBTR and Try Tag Rugby social media for those unable to be there in person. Your national teams will need all the support the tag community can provide them in their campaign for on-pitch glory. Off the field GBTR is still seeking sponsorship to help the players with the sacrifices they make to represent their country at the highest level of the sport. GBTR’s sponsorship brochure is available here and we would encourage all members of the Tag community to share it far and wide in the search for financial support.

Will Shepherd, Great Britain Programme Director says: “I would like to thank the unprecedented number of players that expressed an interest in the Great Britain programme this year. The competition for places was higher than ever before and there is certainly no shame in missing out. The selected players represented the very best of Tag Rugby within the UK and I know this will only be amplified as they return to the training pitch.

“The sense of a programme that is building to greatness year on year is palpable when you speak to any of the coaches or players. It’s an incredibly exciting year to be involved with the national sides and one that an immense amount of planning and preparation has gone into. I am targeting four medals from our eight teams at the World Cup, including our first ever Gold Medal. The opportunity to be Great Britain’s first ever Tag World Champions awaits the players. Their time to take that opportunity begins today.”

2023 Great Britain Tag Rugby Training Squads

Head Coach: David Shipley
Assistant Coach: Cat Lindsay
Team Manager: Noel Cuddy

Squad shown with UK Tag Nationals region in brackets.

Leah Alexander (North London Nighthawks)
Millie Barraclough* (Yorkshire White Roses)
Anne Broadley (North London Nighthawks)
Izzy Bruton (Thames Valley Titans)
Ashley Carson (North London Nighthawks)
Jessica Charles* (West London Wolves)
Megan Davids* (South London Seals)
Ellie Erskine* (Sheffield Storm)
Sophie Gallagher* (West London Wolves)
Emily Gulvin (West London Wolves)
Eleanor Hawketts (South London Seals)
Emma Jackson (East London Eels)
Ellie Jones (West London Wolves)
Alice Kendle (South London Seals)
Hannah Kent (West London Wolves)
Megan Lewis (Coventry & Warwickshire Hurricanes)
Ellen McGuinness (North London Nighthawks)
Angel Perrin* (Thames Valley Titans)
Eleanore Richardson-Ampaw (North London Nighthawks)
Laura Riches (Manchester Worker Bees)
Polly Roberts* (South London Seals)
Emily Rona-Roper (London)
Lucy Saunders (South London Seals)
Anita Snowdon (South London Seals)
Ann Taylor (Edinburgh North Highlanders)
Jade Walker (West London Wolves)
Freya Wilde* (Yorkshire White Roses)
Hannah Wilson (North London Nighthawks)

Head Coach: Mark Roughsedge
Assistant Coach: Kirsty Clarke / Ant Merrett
Team Manager: Noel Cuddy

Squad shown with UK Tag Nationals region in brackets.

Sam Bedford (East London Eels)
Marianne Bowtell (London)
Hannah Breckons (North London Nighthawks)
Nikki Briant (South London Seals)
Kirsty Clarke (East London Eels)
Stacey Coffin (East London Eels)
Kat Draper (London)
Steffy Geertsen (South London Seals)
Anita Hamiliton (Yorkshire White Roses)
Naomi Hampton (West London Wolves)
Caz Henzell (London)
Sarah Hunter (North London Nighthawks)
Emily Ip East (London Eels)
Sarah Jones (West London Wolves)
Lois Lau (London)
Cat Lindsay (West London Wolves)
Corinna Litscher (West London Wolves)
Daisy Mankee* (Yorkshire White Roses)
Nadine Mason Bertrand (East London Eels)
Kate Merson (South London Seals)
Sarah O’Neill (East London Eels)
Marine Ogier (Manchester Worker Bees)
Angelina Pascual* (East London Eels)
Phoebe Robins (London)
Katie Sage (East London Eels)
Em Stone (West London Wolves)
Alice Tozzi (South London Seals)
Frances Wehrwein (East London Eels)

Head Coach: Tracey Smith
Assistant Coach: Emma Becker
Team Manager: Helen Freeman

Squad shown with UK Tag Nationals region in brackets.

2023 UKTN Region:
Seun Alice* (London)
Emma Becker (London)
Natalie Bell* (Yorkshire White Roses)
Rebecca Calver (London)
Samantha Carter-Allison (London)
Ailin Conant* (London)
Sarah Crampton* (North London Nighthawks)
Susan Eriksen (East London Eels)
Rocio Garcia (West London Wolves)
Claire Gould* (Thames Valley Titans)
Jenny Griffin* (London)
Hollie Johnston (London)
Kelly Kilby* (Thames Valley Titans)
Christine Lawton* (London)
Christina Liessem (London)
Breeda Mac Eoin (North London Nighthawks)
Ann Maya* (East London Eels)
Joanna Miles (West London Wolves)
Sophia Prout (South London Seals)
Tessa Saunders (North London Nighthawks)
Joanna Scott* (London)
Sarah Sessions* (London)
Anne-Marie Sim* (London)
Tracey Smith (London)
Kristine Stewart* (London)
Chrissy Towers* (Thames Valley Titans)
Carla Towey* (Coventry & Warwickshire Hurricanes)
Min Yang* (North London Nighthawks)

Head Coach: James Baron
Assistant Coach: Charlotte Towerton / Dan Ampaw
Team Manager: Mark Pett-Ridge

Squad shown with UK Tag Nationals region in brackets.

Zack Akil (East London Eels)
Elysha Amed (Coventry & Warwickshire Hurricanes)
Daniel Ampaw (South London Seals)
Leah Birkin* (Yorkshire White Roses)
Tess Braunerova* (London)
Grace Brown (East London Eels)
Emily Codd (Bristol Brabazons)
Tessa Crowley (London)
Jake Dunley (London)
Joshua Ede* (Thames Valley Titans)
Freya Entwistle (South London Seals)
Tom Entwistle (South London Seals)
Harriet Field (London)
Roseanne Goody* (South London Seals)
Rosie Hudson* (North London Nighthawks)
Marcus Lampkin (Yorkshire White Roses)
Samara Lawrence (East London Eels)
Usman Merchant* (North London Nighthawks)
Richard Milford (South London Seals)
Tom Newsome (Bristol Brabazons)
Jake Powell (South London Seals)
Ciarán Poynter (West London Wolves)
Lucy Ridler (South London Seals)
Alex Ryan (Yorkshire White Roses)
Michael Shennan* (South London Seals)
Charlotte Towerton (East London Eels)
Reiss Walker (West London Wolves)
Rowan White (South London Seals)

Head Coach: Andrew Davis
Assistant Coach: Jay Beare
Team Manager: Mark Pett-Ridge

Squad shown with UK Tag Nationals region in brackets.

Tomi Akinlusi* (East London Eels)
Mike Dowd (North London Nighthawks)
Gill du Toit West (London Wolves)
Laura Elliott (Yorkshire White Roses)
Isaac Fanin (London)
Ronan Farrell (South London Seals)
Davide Gilardoni* (North London Nighthawks)
Jessica Heap* (Yorkshire)
Alex Hickson (North London Nighthawks)
Sarah Jackson (South London Seals)
Hafa Karim (Yorkshire White Roses)
Angus Lawson* (South London Seals)
Sian McGuinness (Manchester)
Simon Morley (London)
Iain Naylor (West London Wolves)
Pete O Donnell (North London Nighthawks)
Josh Pavlovec (London)
Ben Picknett (London)
Jane Pilgrim (South London Seals)
Becky Plummer* (Manchester Worker Bees)
Will Powell (South London Seals)
Shona Roche (London)
Amanda Scarfo (South London Seals)
Alexandra Sims (Bristol Brabazons)
Hayden Stewart* (Yorkshire White Roses)
Ellie Wharton* (London)
Cheryl Woodman (Yorkshire White Roses)

Head Coach: James Baron
Assistant Coach: Tom Stone
Team Manager: Mandy Morris

Squad shown with UK Tag Nationals region in brackets.

James Baron (West London Wolves)
Stephen Barry (London)
Will Cole* (London)
Josh Crewe* (London)
Nick de Jonge (South London Seals)
Cam Fisher* (West London Wolves)
George Fox-Edwards (West London Wolves)
George Gamlin* (South London Seals)
George Goldie* (South London Seals)
Ollie Greenhill (Bristol Brabazons)
Andy Harkins (Yorkshire White Roses)
Tom Higgs (East London Eels)
Dean Irvine (North London Nighthawks)
Jake Jones (East London Eels)
Rex Jude (North London Nighthawks)
Jonathan Malivoire* (South London Seals)
Elliot McDermott (North London Nighthawks)
George Montagu (West London Wolves)
Dante O’Reilly (London)
Sam Read (West London Wolves)
Russell Reid (West London Wolves)
Josh Roberts (East London Eels)
Kirby Rona-Roper (East London Eels)
Tom Stone (Yorkshire)
Myles Turner (East London Eels)
Dan Waters (Yorkshire White Roses)
Nick Wilkes (North London Nighthawks)
Harry Young (London)

Head Coach: Kim Parkinson
Assistant Coach: Ben Smith
Team Manager: Marcus Trethewey

Squad shown with UK Tag Nationals region in brackets.

Pete Ainsley (West London Wolves)
Brad Aird (London)
Aaron Au* (London)
Jonny Berrill (South London Seals)
Mike Bloom (South London Seals)
Michael Booth (London)
Mike Brent (East London Eels)
Rob Chance (Yorkshire White Roses)
Nico da Silva* (East London Eels)
Matt Dudley* (London)
Olly Hampson (East London Eels)
Riz Hanid (North London Nighthawks)
Raphael Himiona (West London Wolves)
Florian Hodgson-Tuck (South London Seals)
Ben Hughes (Yorkshire)
Kenny Hunt (East London Eels)
Arron Lombardo (South London Seals)
Steve Macdermott (West London Wolves)
Dan McAviney (East London Eels)
Phil Morahan* (East London Eels)
Adam Morrison (East London Eels)
Rob Murch (East London Eels)
Liam O’Keeffe (East London Eels)
Rob Poole (London)
Gareth Roach (South London Seals)
Nick Stanworth (West London Wolves)
Aiden Wilkinson (Yorkshire White Roses)
David Wilkinson (Yorkshire White Roses)

Head Coach: Matt Picknett
Assistant Coach: Pete Murray
Team Manager: Marcus Trethewey

Squad shown with UK Tag Nationals region in brackets.

Pete Adams (Thames Valley Titans)
Dami Awobajo* (North London Nighthawks)
Mark Batty (East London Eels)
Jay Beare (East London Eels)
Alex Brown (Coventry & Warwickshire Hurricanes)
Rhys Davies (East London Eels)
Andrew Davis (East London Eels)
Marc Day (Coventry & Warwickshire Hurricanes)
Martin Gambles* (Manchester & Wigan)
Nathan Goodfellow (North London Nighthawks)
James Gross (South London Seals)
Chris Hoult (East London Eels)
Andrew Inglis (South London Seals)
Rhys Jones (South London Seals)
Steve Leary (East London Eels)
Alastair Mant (East London Eels)
Pete Murray (North London Nighthawks)
Ben Payne (East London Eels)
Matt Picknett (London)
Richard Pitman* (London)
Chris Prout (London)
Alex Sadgrove (East London Eels)
David Shipley (South London Seals)
Carl Smith (Yorkshire White Roses)
Mike Vinluan (Thames Valley Titans)
Shay Wilson (North London Nighthawks)

Key Dates for the Great Britain Programme

MARCH 2023
26.03.23 – Training Commences – Regent’s Park, London

APRIL 2023
17.04.23 – Final date for sponsorship to be found

MAY 2023
11.05.23 – British & Irish Cup squads announced
20.05.23 – UK Try Tag Rugby Nationals – Richmond Athletic Ground, London

JUNE 2023
24.06.23 – British & Irish Cup – King’s House Sports Ground, London
29.06.23 – Final World Cup squads announced

02-05.08.23 – ITF Tag World Cup – University of Limerick, Ireland

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