Try Tag Rugby’s Autumn Tournament took place on Saturday 21st October, the largest Autumn Tournament in TTR history.

Returning to King’s House Sports grounds, teams had a mixture of sunshine and rain to contend with throughout the day.

In the Division 1 Cup Final, played in awful conditions, Cuzzies and Pick ‘N’ Mix battled it out in a low scoring affair. With just one try sealing with the win for Cuzzies in a tight contest no thanks to the driving rain which made expansive play difficult for the teams. Paul McCullagh from Cuzzies was rewarded for his efforts in the winning team with the Division 1 male player of the tournament prize, with runners up provided the female player of the tournament through Jane Pilgrim.

In Division 2, Cup winners were Deirdre’s Angels while the Plate was won by Try Kings. Meanwhile in Division 3, the Cup went to Sweet Tagoline, the Plate to the aptly named Slippery pitches, while the Bowl was won by Why the Ferny Face?, Blood, sweat and beers were winners of the Division 3 Shield. Finally in Division 4, Cup winners were C U Next Tagfest with the Plate going to Scrum If You Wanna Go Faster. 

Thanks to PSS International Removals, our official referee partner.


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Division 1 Male Player of the Tournament
Paul McCullagh – Cuzzies

Division 1 Female Player of the Tournament
Jane Pilgrim – Pick ‘N’ Mix

Division 2 Male Player of the Tournament
Jake Dunley – Deirdre’s Angels

Division 2 Female Player of the Tournament
Klara de Baermaeker – Beige Food Appreciation Society

Division 3 Male Player of the Tournament
Robbie Duggleby – Slippery pitches

Division 3 Female Player of the Tournament
Shona Roche – Sweet Tagoline

Division 4 Male Player of the Tournament
Max Haines – WyeTry

Division 4 Female Player of the Tournament
Steph Crampton – C U Next Tagfest

Referee of the Tournament
Stephen Reilly


Division 1 Cup
1 (Winners) Cuzzies
2 Pick ‘N’ Mix
3 Turtles Autumn
4 Scorepions

Division 2 Cup
1 (Winners) Deirdre’s Angels
2 Tryceratops!
3 TLC Invitational
4 Gotchas
5 Emerging Titans
6 Al-Try-eda
7 The Fire Balls
8 Dragon Slayers

Division 2 Plate
1 (Winners) Try Kings
2 Oceanus
3 Olympic All Stars
4 Taggy C
5 Hawk-Eyed Heroes
6 Beige Food Appreciation Society
7 We built this city on ruck and roll
8 Phoenixes

Division 3 Cup
1 (Winners) Sweet Tagoline
2 Dirty Rotten Devils
3 Yippee Try Ayy
4 Honey Badgers 1
5 Tagquila Kids
6 Scrumpkin Spiced Latte
7 Cobra Try
8 Tag and go go

Division 3 Plate
1 (Winners) Slippery pitches
2 Geordie Score
3 Hip-Hop Tittie Taggers
4 Thunder Taggers
5 Try, try again
6 Live and Lets Try
7 Lewis Hamtaggers
8 The Foam Rollers

Division 3 Bowl
1 (Winners) Why the Ferny Face?
2 Autumn Strollers
3 Egg
4 Odd Doggs
5 99 problems, but tagfest ain’t one
6 Southside Bulls
7 Shabokkie’s Farewell Tour

Division 3 Shield
1 (Winners) Blood, sweat and beers
2 Fulhamingos
3 Cunning Stunts!!!
4 My Tagaconda Don’t
5 Championship Jugs
6 Young Titans
7 Purple Sea Bears
8 Permanent Team Name

Division 4 Cup
1 (Winners) C U Next Tagfest
2 Paddy Losty Appreciation Society.
3 The Real Tagsmanian Devils
4 Ruck Buddies
5 WyeTry
6 Try your eyes mate
7 Red Hot Chili Steppers
8 Tag Me Maybe?

Division 4 Plate
1 (Winners) Scrum If You Wanna Go Faster
2 Bungaroosh Bandits
3 Nice Feet
4 The Baddies
5 Tag Me Up and Down
6 Taggle of Geese
7 Tagadelic 2.0
8 No Balls All Trys