Ireland have regained the British & Irish Cup defeating Great Britain in Limerick, Ireland.

Great Britain were hopeful of retaining the trophy for the first time but Ireland prevailed with a 3-2 win, with one category tied.

The British & Irish Cup has been an annual highlight in the International Tag Rugby Calendar since 2013, bringing the best Tag Rugby players from the respective countries together to compete over six categories: Mixed Open, Men’s Open, Women’s Open, Mixed Seniors, Men’s Seniors and Women’s Seniors. Each category plays a best-of-three test series during the event, with the winning country being the one that wins the most categories (in the event of a tie it goes to number of games won).

British & Irish Cup Results

Round 1
GB Mixed Open 1-4 Ireland
GB Men’s Seniors 1-5 Ireland
GB Women’s Seniors 5-5 Ireland
GB Men’s Open 6-2 Ireland
GB Mixed Seniors 2-11 Ireland
GB Women’s Open 6-3

Round 2
GB Mixed Open 4-10 Ireland (0-2)
GB Men’s Seniors 3-3 Ireland (0-1)
GB Women’s Seniors 3-4 Ireland (0-1)
GB Men’s Open 8-3 Ireland (2-0)
GB Mixed Seniors 7-11 Ireland (0-2)
GB Women’s Open 6-4 Ireland (2-0)

Round 3
GB Mixed Open 3-9 Ireland (0-3)
GB Men’s Seniors 4-7 Ireland (0-2)
GB Women’s Seniors 10-1 Ireland (1-1)
GB Men’s Open 7-7 Ireland (2-0)
GB Mixed Seniors 2-9 Ireland (0-3)
GB Women’s Open 3-4 Ireland (2-1)

Players of the Tournament
Women’s Seniors – Sam Bedford
Women’s Open – Ellen McGuinness
Mixed Seniors – Amanda Scarfo & Josh Pavlovec
Mixed Open – Elysha Amed & Reiss Walker
Men’s Seniors – Adam Morrison
Men’s Open – Josh Roberts