Try Tag Rugby’s Spring Tournament made a long awaited return on Saturday (2nd April) after not being able to run for the last two years. Making its first appearance at Richmond Athletic Ground, an exciting and enjoyable day of Tag Rugby was enjoyed by teams at all levels with teams welcomed from Ireland and France for the first time since 2019.

The day finished with a hotly contested final between Turtles and Fun Guns & Buns (watch the final here). Cheered on by the other 94 teams taking part on the day, the two teams traded tries before Turtles eventually stretched to a 4-2 lead. Fun Guns & Buns had possession and a penalty as time expired but couldn’t break the Turtles strong defence, with the reigning TagFest London champions taking home another title.

In the other divisions the top honours were taken by Sweet Tagoline (Division 2), Tag Marry Avoid on tour (Division 3) and Fulham Spring Chickens (Division 4).


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Division 1 Male Player of the Tournament
Andrew Harkins – TeaBreakerMeister
Division 1 Female Player of the Tournament
Emily Rona-Roper – Turtles Spring

Division 2 Male Player of the Tournament
Ryan Hart – The Bin Chickens
Division 2 Female Player of the Tournament
Emily Ip – Grubber Bang

Division 3 Male Player of the Tournament
Conor Thompson – Tag Marry Avoid on tour
Division 3 Female Player of the Tournament
Lara Pedley – At Least We Died

Division 4 Male Player of the Tournament
Graham Stott – Tag-osaurus’
Division 4 Female Player of the Tournament
Fae Vincent – Taggy Jazzers


Division 1 Cup
1 (Winners) Turtles Spring
2 Fun Guns & Buns
3 Tagkeshi’s Castle (Tournament)
4 Springboks!
5 Straight T”Werk
6 Dunk’s Dragonuts
8 Based Purely on Merit

Division 1 Plate
1 (Winners) Tag like a Bosss!
2 Killmongers (Tournament)
3 TeaBreakerMeister
4 Tokoloshe Taggers
5 London Fairies
6 Reluctant Div 1 Trykings
7 Black Panthers (Tournament)
8 Tagagotchi

Division 2 Cup
1 (Winners) Sweet Tagoline
2 TTR Tolkien
3 Phibbers
4 OddBalls!
5 CC Roosters TAGFEST
6 TLC Waterfalls
7 Based Purely on Pints
8 Live, Laugh, Tag

Division 2 Plate
1 (Winners) The Bin Chickens
2 Día de los Muertags
3 Grubber Bang
4 You’re A Tagger Harry
5 TLC Creeps
6 Deidres Angels (Tournament)
7 Birds of Paradise on Tour
8 Odd Dog

Division 2 Bowl
1 (Winners) Matt’s Mates
2 Bristol Cobras
3 Tagging me tagging you
4 Where’s Jessica!?
5 Wayne’s World
6 1 Legged Taggers
7 Club 18-30’s
8 TagFest Me Up Before You Go Go

Division 2 Shield
1 (Winners) Tagquila Surprise
2 Fri-Dye Dragons
3 Mauls Deep (tournament)
4 Dragon Slayers
5 The Empire Tags Back
6 Tagtok OG
7 Cobra Try
8 When you tag nothing at all

Division 3 Cup
1 (Winners) Tag Marry Avoid on tour
2 Pheasant Pluckers
3 How I Tagged Your Father
4 99 Problems but the Pitch
5 Yipee Try-Yay
6 Galway Hookers
7 Magic Mike’s Big Rippers
8 Tagnadoes OG’s

Division 3 Plate
1 (Winners) At Least We Died
2 What’s Dupont In Trying
3 Get Schwifty
4 OG Gin it to Win it
5 The TryColours
6 St.Hattrick
7 Tagamama (Barbarians)
8 Spring Lambs

Division 3 Bowl
1 (Winners) Menace to Sobriety RFU
2 Tagging in the Bushes (Tournament)
3 No Tags Left To Try
4 Purple Fury
5 No Woman No Try!!!!
6 Disco dragons
7 Tag-Addicts
8 Balham Bulls (Tournament)

Division 3 Shield
1 (Winners) The Southwark Bears
2 The Moves Like Jagger
3 Vaccinated Jugs
4 The Tayto Rebels
5 Old Willies Exiles RFC
6 David Tag’nborough
7 Mis-Kick Wonders
8 Easter Try Hunt

Division 4 Cup
1 (Winners) Fulham Spring Chickens
2 The New Dragons Babas
3 Did Someone Say Champagne Rugby?
4 The April Fools
5 Taggy Jazzers
6 The Double O’s
7 Marina’s Magnificent Maulers
8 Arctic Taggers

Division 4 Plate
1 (Winners) Moves it like Tagger
2 Sweet Potato Tries
3 Tag Lasso
4 PussyTag Dolls
5 Tag-osaurus’
6 The Three Quarters
7 My neck, my bad, kiss my tag, just like that
8 Mates Rates