Having had an extremely busy and productive start to 2024 as we embark on another exciting year of Tag Rugby, we wanted to reflect on the feedback we received from our annual survey in 2023. Firstly, we would like to thank you for taking the time to complete the survey and sharing your insights with us, as this feedback is invaluable in being able to continually improve the experience for our community and ensure we continue to offer a consistent experience of Try Tag Rugby in all regions of the UK.

We have outlined below what were key themes that emerged from the review of the survey data, and how we can make an impact on improving those over the course of 2024.

Women’s Merchandise and Equipment

Improving our merchandise and equipment offerings for our female player base is a priority for us. This has been a project we have been working very hard on in the background for some time now as we look to offer cost-effective products as well as improving the fit of clothing items. We introduced standard Oztag tights last year, which are priced at a lower level than our unisex sublimated shorts. We will also be introducing Player of the Season tights as an option this year at no extra cost to players, as well as trialling sublimated tights from Oztag, which we can offer at a lower price point than our UK made tights.

Furthermore, we are very close to announcing a new product, Women’s cut shorts. This product has gone through a number of development stages, including testing phases by members of the community, and is now onto the final review.

Finally, we’ll be adding a female cut jersey, and female cut off-field items including our midlayer and polo shirts in the coming months.


Concerns regarding the consistency of refereeing within and across different regions were raised. To tackle this issue, we have several projects underway, including the recent launch of the referee curriculum and pathway, as well as providing referee coaches at leagues and major events to offer feedback, coaching and support to our referee team.

Quality of Rugby Balls

Feedback regarding the consistency and quality of rugby balls was noted, and we are committed to addressing this issue. Over the next 12 months, we will embark on various projects, including reviewing rugby ball longevity on different surfaces, trialling different rugby ball types, and collaborating with suppliers to obtain the best possible rugby balls for our leagues.

Consistency of Pub Partnerships and Socials

We acknowledge the importance of consistent and high-quality socials across all regions. Whether it’s post-match venues, pub deals, or end-of-season celebrations, we are committed to enhancing the social aspect of our leagues for all participants. In the run up to the Early Summer seasons kicking off, we will be working on this closely.

Providing value for money

Providing value for money for our players remains of paramount importance to us as an organisation. Delivering high-quality leagues, fostering a strong social scene, ensuring efficient league administration, providing high standard equipment and having consistent refereeing are just a few areas that we remain focused on to ensure that we continue to provide a service and a product that we are proud of. We have continued to face significant venue cost increases (in some cases up to 20% per annum) but have worked hard to keep any price rises in line with or below inflation. It’s essential to note that our pricing model is based on a cost per-game basis, which may result in apparent headline price hikes due to varying season lengths. We remain committed to providing excellent value for money.

Thank you again for taking the time to give feedback to us, and we look forward to updating you throughout the year on the improvements in these areas as they progress.

We look forward to seeing you out on the pitch soon!

The Team at Try Tag Rugby