TagFest London 2024 took place at Richmond Athletic Ground on Saturday 8th June with 103 teams from Britain, Ireland, and the Netherlands bringing the festival atmosphere from first kick-off to last orders. An array of food and drink vendors serving flavours from across the globe, a netball tournament running alongside the Tag for the first time and a 4x World Champion DJ headlining the after party elevated the day (and night) to the ultimate Tag tournament for the TTR community!

The most competitive Division 1 line-up in years saw defending champions Cuzzies progress through the round robin undefeated while all the other teams picked up wins against each other. The semi-finals saw a derby match-up between Turtles and Ninja Turtles that the 5x TagFest champion Turtles won from behind with a 2 point score in the dying seconds of the game. In the other semi the previously imperious Cuzzies came unstuck against The Alpacas, who shut out their opponents in a confident display to make their first TagFest final since 2021. Unfortunately The Alpacas went into the Grand Final depleted through injuries and found themselves well and truly sheared by the Turtles who carved their name into the TagFest trophy for an unprecedented sixth time. Having already won the Spring Tournament in April they will now be eyeing a repeat of their historic 2022 triple when the Autumn Tournament rolls around this October.

Division 2 was won by the touring Warriors who overcame an impressive Tortoises side in their Cup final, winning only on first try scorer. Warriors had last won TagFest London Division 2 in 2022 and will have enjoyed their winners’ medals setting the metal detectors off on their flight back to Ireland. In a delicious decider Tagalicious Tryhards beat Bootylicious Pitches to the Division 3 top step while The Mike Posso Academy took out Division 4 just ahead of Hashtag Brighton.

Thanks to our hosts Richmond Athletic Ground; our entertainment partners Astech Promotions and our headline act Mr Switch; our food and drink vendors Aroma, Free Range Jane, Lil Watan, Mizcarib, Scandilicious and Beetle Juice; and Netbusters, our netball tournament partners.


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Division 1 Cup

Division 2 Cup

Division 2 Plate
Tagfest Fairies

Division 2 Bowl
TTR Tolkien

Division 2 Shield
Hip-Hop Tittie Taggers

Division 3 Cup
Tagalicious Tryhards

Division 3 Plate

Division 3 Bowl
Cobra Try

Division 3 Shield
Come On Tag Queens

Division 4 Cup
The Mike Posso Academy

Division 4 Plate
Sloppy Falcons

Division 4 Bowl
Byron’s Babes

Division 4 Shield
Oisín’s 11 touring side


Division 1 Female Player of the Tournament
Anita Snowdon – The Alpacas

Division 1 Male Player of the Tournament
David Ahern – Cubs

Division 2 Female Player of the Tournament
Costanza Gambarini – Gotchas

Division 2 Male Player of the Tournament
Peter Byrne – Yippee Try Ayy

Division 3 Female Player of the Tournament
Florence May – Bootylicious Pitches

Division 3 Male Player of the Tournament
Chris Ellis – Cobra Try!

Division 4 Female Player of the Tournament
Stephanie Davison – Byron’s Babes

Division 4 Male Player of the Tournament
Matt Whitaker – The Crows

Referee of the Day – Division 1
Zac Peppers

Referee of the Day – Division 2/3/4
David Shipley


Division 1 Cup
1 (Winners) Turtles
2 The Alpacas
3 Ninja Turtles
4 Cuzzies
5 Cubs
6 TLC Invitational
7 London – Knights

Division 2 Cup
1 (Winners) Warriors
2 Tortoises
3 Gladiators Ready?
4 Tagkeshi’s Angels
5 Gotchas
6 TLC 2nd Nature
7 Bristol Flari Bears
8 Try Dye Dragons

Division 2 Plate
1 (Winners) Tagfest Fairies
2 The Better North London Globetrotters
3 Try Kings
4 Out of Shape All Stars
5 Yippee Try Ayy
6 Can’t tagfest this!
7 Tags to Riches
8 The Fire Balls

Division 2 Bowl
1 (Winners) TTR Tolkien
2 Slippery pitches
3 London Knights
4 Tagfest Rassies Rebels
5 Try Me A River Tournament
6 Ruck and Roll Ball
7 TRLI on Tour
8 Thunder Taggers

Division 2 Shield
1 (Winners) Hip-Hop Tittie Taggers
2 Royal Arsenal Mixed Team
3 Red Hot Chili Steppers
4 Why the Ferny Face?
5 Flying Fajitas
6 Hips Don’t Lie
7 Salads
8 Tagatha Christie’s Poirot

Division 3 Cup
1 (Winners) Tagalicious Tryhards
2 Bootylicious Pitches
3 Snakes / Taggers
4 Tagsidermied ducks
5 Hotterdammers
6 Gaggin’ 4 a Taggin
7 Mile Try Club
8 Tag me Dirty, Make me Scrum

Division 3 Plate
1 (Winners) RedRoss
2 Sugar Taggies
3 Tragic Mike
4 Dead Ringers
5 Hookers Union
6 Hawaii Hardcore Purple Fury
7 Bulls
8 C Unext tournament

Division 3 Bowl
1 (Winners) Cobra Try
2 Habanas in Pajamas
3 Dirty Tagtics
4 Dude, where’s my tag
5 Tag-osaurus’
6 Lawrence and The Machine
7 Bishop’s Beavers
8 Magic Margaritas

Division 3 Shield
1 (Winners) Come On Tag Queens
2 The Real Tagsmanian Devils
3 Teletaggies MkII
4 Salamander Squad
5 Blood, sweat and beers
6 Hotterdam the rest
7 The Derek Zoolander TagFest Team for Kids Who Can’t Tag Good
8 Count Tagface

Division 4 Cup
1 (Winners) The Mike Posso Academy
2 HashTag Brighton
3 Mum Taggers on Tour
4 Live fast try young
5 Tagadelic 2.0
6 Pies
7 Just 7 Lidl red flags
8 Acton Allsorts

Division 4 Plate
1 (Winners) Sloppy Falcons
2 The Crows
3 How I Scrummed Your Mother
4 Out For Stout
5 All Grabb No Tagg
6 Sexy Fenders
7 Did You See That Fend?
8 Hot Girl Summer

Division 4 Bowl
1 (Winners) Byron’s Babes
2 Tag, you’re it!
3 Rebel Rugby
4 Jump on the Tagwagon
5 Try and stop us
6 Pint Punishers
7 Tagfest Taggenheimer
8 Watermelon, Sugar, Try 2nd

Division 4 Shield
1 (Winners) Oisín’s 11 touring side
2 Try-ranosaurus Rexx
3 Claphám Cheeks
4 Tagmanian Devils
5 The Tayto Rebels
6 Ragtags of Rugby
7 MMS x Tag Team It
8 Don’t Blame The Velcro

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