Try Tag Rugby is pleased to announce that we have joined Stonewalls Diversity Champions Programme, the leading programme helping organisations transform and improve their workplace culture and communities, to ensure that they are truly inclusive and open.

By partnering with Stonewall, Try Tag Rugby will be able to continue to improve our LGBTQIA+ inclusion policies, as well as help to grow our already inclusive and diverse community. We hope that, together, we can encourage new players from all communities to give Tag Rugby a try, as well as offer a home for players who are looking for an inclusive environment to have fun and meet new people.

Being a part of the programme highlights Try Tag Rugby’s commitment to embedding LGBTQIA+ inclusion into our workplace and across our players and leagues. Stonewall will support Try Tag Rugby in developing and implementing high-quality policies, to ensure that all of our work moving forward allows us to attract and retain LGBTQIA+ players, across our community.

Alongside helping to develop our player and rule policies, Stonewall will help Try Tag Rugby attract and retain the very best talent, by listing us on their Proud Employers careers site, Stonewalls inclusive LGBTQIA+ jobs board, enabling us to attract diverse talent from across the LGBTQIA+ community.

Joining the Stonewall Diversity Programme will enable Try Tag Rugby to draw on Stonewall’s vast knowledge and experience, as well as give us access to its exclusive resource suite, which houses guidance on gender inclusion, reviewing policies, and setting up internal/ external networks. Partnering with Stonewall will also give access to their in-house team of experts, and provide the opportunity to join exclusive training schemes, which will be available for TTR staff.

Try Tag Rugby is also launching a new TTR Pride Network, with the aim of offering a space for LGBTQIA+ players to meet other people, offer peer-to-peer support, raise awareness, have meaningful discussions, and organise/promote Pride Events. If you would like to join the Pride Network, you can join our dedicated group chat here. The Pride Network is just the start of the work we are doing to make Try Tag Rugby more open and inclusive for all. We hope that this step will help build the basis of future events and allow our community to connect with one another. Please keep an eye out for future Pride Network announcements, events, and information on social media and on our website. A full announcement regarding the TTR Pride Network will be made shortly. In the meantime, we hope to see you over in the group chat!

If you would like to find out more about Stonewall’s Diversity Champions Programme, visit their website here.

For further information on Try Tag Rugby’s Diversity Project, please contact the Diversity Project Officer, Connor Sweeden, at We would love to hear from those who would like to get involved with the project, or from those who are interested in registering a Pride Team in one of our leagues.