Details of Great Britain Tag Rugby Tournaments

British & Irish Cup

Since 2013 Great Britain competes against Ireland annually in the British & Irish Cup. The British & Irish Cup is the highest-level Tag competition in the northern hemisphere.

Great Britain and Ireland take turns hosting the tournament with the 2022 edition the first in the UK to take place in Leeds. Great Britain won the British & Irish Cup 4-2 for the first time in 2019 and again in 2023, 5-2 on categories. Ireland now leads the British & Irish Cup 7-2 all-time.

Tag World Cup

The first Tag World Cup took place in 2012 in New Zealand with the 2015 event being played in Sunshine Coast and 2018 in Coffs Harbour, Australia.

The 2021 event was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic but took place in Limerick, Ireland in August 2023.

Great Britain returned home from the 2018 Tag World Cup with a silver for Men’s Seniors and a bronze for Women’s Seniors.

Great Britain entered eight of the 13 World Cup categories in 2023, winning one gold, two silver and three bronze medals with all eight teams finishing in the top four of their competition.

International Tag Series

The inaugural International Tag Series tournaments were played simultaneously in Australia, New Zealand and Ireland across 2022.

The Irish event took place in Limerick, just one year out from the 2023 Tag World Cup.

The International Tag Series saw Great Britain compete against Ireland and South Africa with more nations expected to attend future editions.

The series is designed to increase the standard of international competition in the northern hemisphere especially within Europe.

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